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Community Topic: What’s So Great About Uber| What Makes Uber Different!?

For those of you who have been living under a rock, Uber is one of the top ride sharing app that allows you and me to easily get a ride from a personal driver within our city at anytime. You can think of Uber much like a taxi service, but they don’t own cars. Instead they somewhat rent out rides (you can say) to those who want to get around without much hassle.

Let’s Outline Some Benefits Of Using Uber. Please read along…

°Easy Sign Up

To start using this amazing app, you just need to provide your account details. Name, email address, and phone number to start with. That’s all.

°Easy Payment

Most Uber cities doesn’t accept cash payments. You can either pay using your debit or credit card. Also Paypal and Apple Wallet is an option too. Unfortunately, some prepaid cards are not accepted. Therefore if will not work and you will have to add another valid payment method before you can use the app and request a ride. Sorry.What's So Great About Uber What Makes Uber Different


When you are ready, all you need to do is to choose your pick up location and request for the ride. Gone are the days when you had to chase taxis just to get a ride to your destination. With Uber, you will be able to request or a ride anytime of the day, either day or night.

°Free First Fide

Unlike a TAXI service, Uber offers free rides for first time users. If you have a friend or family member who uses Uber, you should ask them for their invite code. That way you will earn a free ride and so will your friend. If you do not know anyone who has an Uber account already, you can always go to for the latest promo. This promo will not work for an existing Uber rider, however, Uber offers free rides and special promos from time to time so be on the lookout.

°Variety of Services

If you are in a city where Uber is sort of a big deal, you will see that the app has a wide range of vehicle types you can choose from. Example: 

uberX (standard option holds 4 people)

uberXL (holds up to 6 people)

uberBLACK (luxury option, holds 4 people)

uberSUV (luxury option – holds up to 6 people)

Not to mention, Uber is serious about quality – therefore they try to put only the best, clean and well maintained cars on the road. That is why riders are able to rate their drivers between 1 and 5 stars. This will help ensure that Uber has nothing but the best out their in your city. If a driver’s rating falls below a certain threshold, they will be taken off the platform.

°Uprfront Pricing

This is something we absolutely love. Before requesting for your ride, this amazing app gives you the opportunity to get an estimate of what your ride will cost. When it comes to pricing, Uber is second to none. They offer some of the best rates.


If you are not afraid to catch a cab, ride a bus or any other public transportation service, they you shouldn’t have any qualm about taking an Uber. Uber do not let any ole Joe Blow off the street drive on their platform. They actually take each driver through a pretty intense background check and testing.

°Coolest Ever

Uber is like freaking awesome because they have some of the weirdest, coolest services we have ever seen. For instance; Uber Ice Cream, Uber Kitties, Uber Eats, Uber RUSH, Uber Helicopter and so on. Community SupportRider SupportWhat Makes Uber Different,What's So Great About UberCommunity Topic: ★What's So Great About Uber| What Makes Uber Different!?★ // For those of you who have been living under a rock, Uber is one of the top ride sharing app that allows you and me to easily get a ride from a personal driver within our city...Rideshare Support Community...