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 Driver Help: ☀ To Enter Your Bank Information

In 2018 some information have changed, but for the most part this guide will prepare you for what to expect. To Enter Your Bank InformationHere’s how to setup your direct deposit with Rasier. For security purposes Uber will not be able to set this up for you, partner-drivers are responsible for entering their banking information online. You will need your SSN (social security number). Don’t worry you will be submitting your personal data via a secure website.

You can do this through the or through

Here are the instructions:

1) Login with your Username and Password at
2) Click ‘Banking’
3) Enter your Username and Password again on the Vault webpage. (This is the same username and password that you use to log into the Uber phone)
4) On the next page, enter in your relevant Contact Information

a) Tax Classification
b) Social Security Number (SSN) [Please disregard / ignore the EIN field]
c) Your Full Name
d) Company Name: Simply re-enter your full name
e) Your physical address (NO P.O. BOXES)
f) City
g) State
h) Zipcode
5) On the next page, input your account information. You will need the following checking account information:
-Routing Number (9 Digits)
– Account Number
– Account Holder’s Name (Full name of the bank account owner)
6) Check the ‘I Agree’ box to accept the terms and conditions and press ‘Next’

For a print out of these instructions, please see the below attachment links:
Vault Setup
Vault Setup Continue

At this point, you should have successfully updated your bank account information with Rasier. As a reminder, your weekly payments can be found in detail under the ‘Invoices’ tab on

Editing Your Banking Info

In order for Uber to ensure that you get paid on time each week, you will need to provide them with correct bank and account information. 

You can update your direct deposit info my going to select ‘edit’ info’ then ‘modify’.

Making changes can delay your weekly payout by a few business days. Uber recommend that you submit any changes before 4am Monday in order to receive your payment on time.

Error When Entering Account Number

If you see an error on your screen after you attempted to add your banking info. This is likely because you either mis-keyed your info or your bank is not a supported bank that can receive direct deposits from Uber.

Normally unsupported banks are not an issue with US drivers.

Unfortunately, if your bank is not a supported bank, you will have to transfer to one that can accept your pay.

Some supported banks but not limited to are:


Driver Common Asked Questions:

I don’t remember my password?

You can reset your password easily by going to You would need to have access to your email address you have on file with Uber. Check your spam folder if you did not receive the reset password email in your inbox.

I don’t have a checking account.

In order to receive payment from Uber since they do not send out paper checks, you will need to have a checking account. Specifically a routing and account number.

I can’t get a traditional bank account.

No problem. Some cards like RushCard and NetSpend might work with the Uber banking system. Both do not check credit in order to obtain an account with them. We recommend you contact Uber and inquire about it.

When will I get paid?

Uber’s pay cycle goes from Monday at 4AM to Monday at 3:59AM. You should see your funds from that period cycle by Friday.

Will I Receive a Statement?

Uber will send an email every Monday with a link to your pay statement. Or you can log in to your Partner Dashboard and click on ‘Pay Statements’ to see each weekly statement.

I filled out all my direct deposit info, but did not get paid.

Did you work the previous week? If no, you must have taken trips on the Uber system in order to be compensated. If you did take trips, do you have any deductions coming out like the Uber iPhone deposit, weekly rental fee, leasing a vehicle, etc? Is your banking info correct? These are some things that can keep you from receiving pay.

Sometimes even though a driver has taken trips, they might not have taken enough trips in order to get paid. Because the deductions have came out leaving the driver with a zero deposit.

If you do not have an fees or deductions, you need to double check your routing and account number. There’s a possibility that you made a mistake and mis-entered your numbers.


If you have any additional questions about, please contact for assistance. To Enter Your Bank Information|
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