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Rider Clarification — ☀UberFamily vs UberXL☀

When it comes to booking a personal driver via a mobile-friendly applications, there is no doubt that Uber has become hugely popular and in demand.uberfamily-vs-uberxl Over the last few years, the tech giant has became a household name in more ways than one.

Each day there are literally thousands of customers who are using the rideshare app and Uber is hiring an equal number of drivers to help accommodate this demand.

The reason for their success could be attributed to the wide variety of car service options they have available in most cities across the world. For example, they have comfortable mid-size vehicles on the road that would work great for individual use or for a party of 4.

On the other hand, in some cities they have some of the best known premium and high end luxury cars to suit special occasions like concerts, corporate events or even just to impress your date.

But there are two vehicle types that Uber offers that cause some confusion when it comes to the difference between the two.

UberFamily and UberXL.

Today we will share with you the basic differences between the two rideshare options so that you are able to choose the right option.

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Lets Look At UberFamily Available In NYC, DC & Philly

The UberFamily is the only vehicle option that comes with a car seat. For example, in Philadelphia, you can either book an UberBLACK + car seat for up to 4 riders or an UberSUV + car seat for up to 6 riders. But in DC, you have the option to choose an UberX + car seat in addition to the other two vehicle options we mentioned a second ago.

Most UberFamily cars can accommodate 3 adults a car seat for a child. On the other hand, when a customer selects Family SUV, this vehicle comes with seating for 5 and an additional child car seat – meaning 6 passengers can take the trip.

When we refer to a child, we mean somebody who at least is 12 months old and must be 31 inches in length and must weight 22 lbs. If a child is about 48 lbs. or 52 inches, he or she is too big and does not meet the seating requirement.

The drivers who operate and run UberFamily vehicles has already went through special training.

That’s why it would also be pertinent to mention that when a parent chooses UberFamily, they not only get the required car seat for their little one; but also a professional licensed driver (if they choose to ride BLACK or SUV) who is specially trained in that area.

Drivers from April 2014 – June 2016 in NYC, Philadelphia and DC were also certified by The Car Seat Lady, Dr. Alisa Baer.

Also keep in mind there is also a $10 surcharge that will be automatically applied when you choose an UberFamily vehicle. This only applies to this car option, not UberXL.

Something else cool is that most or all of the UF vehicles are equipped with the Nabi educational kids tablet.

However, there are some duties and responsibilities on the part of the customers which need to be followed. The parent is responsible for buckling the child’s safety belt before the Uber starts on its way.

The type of car seat Uber uses in their vehicles is the IMMI Go Seat. Since the strap tighten differently than on most other car seats, you should watch this video on how to effectively use it.

What Is UberXL All About?

UberXL is also a high capacity option; but the cost is much lower when compared to UberFamily SUV. It can be used for comfortable travel for up to 6 riders.

Though it can accommodate a maximum of 6 passengers in terms of comfort –  it is not the same as the UberFamily SUV. Further it also does not have the facility of a professional licensed driver nor a child’s car seat. But nonetheless those who have traveled in UberX will find UberXL a much better option when it come to cost.uberxl-suv-6-passengers

UberXL drivers are not required to have a car seat available in their vehicle.

If you are in a city that has the option for UberFamily or to request a car seat, then you will be able to see that option via the app.

If you do not have that option, you can always bring your own car seat in the Uber if necessary.

On a rare chance your XL driver might have a car seat already available for you to use, we recommend you give them a call right after you book your ride and ask.

Quick Conclusion

■ NYC, DC & Philly comes equipped with a child IMMI GO Seat
■ Child should be at least 12 months old, 22 lbs. and 31 inches
■ Most vehicles have a Nabi kids educational tablet available
■ Has a $10 surcharge


■ Does NOT come equipped with a car seat
■ Drivers are NOT required to have a car seat available
■ No surcharge
■ Can hold up to 6 people
■ Is the cheaper SUV option

JFK Airport Tip:

When requesting UberFamily from JFK make sure you are only requesting your Uber when you are truly ready to leave and have your luggage. Once the ride has been booked, please proceed to the arrival level and follow the ‘passenger pick-up’ signs. Community SupportVehicle TypesUberFamily vs UberXLRider Clarification — ☀UberFamily vs UberXL☀ (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); When it comes to booking a personal driver via a mobile-friendly applications, there is no doubt that Uber has become hugely popular and in demand. Over the last few years, the tech giant has became a household name in more...Rideshare Support Community...