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Troubleshooting:  Uber Untrusted Enterprise Developer

The “Untrusted Enterprise Developer” message that you are experiencing isn’t necessarily an error, but merely a warning that Apple implemented on any devices running IOS 9 and higher.

See when you install a third-party applications like Uber that isn’t from the official App Store, then this error will pop up once you tried to launch the app.

Many companies use the Apple Developer Enterprise Program to create proprietary enterprise apps for IOS devices so they can distribute them to their employees or in this case to contract workers. But, before one of these apps can be opened, it must be trusted.uber-untrusted-enterprise-developer

Not to make this too technical, however, so you can understand in greater detail; trust is established automatically if the app is installed by the Mobile Device Management (MDM). On the other hand, if you install an app manually (like the Uber partner app) you will also need to manually establish trust as we breakdown for you below.

For example, you want to install the Uber driver app on your iPhone, after downloading the app, you won’t be able to open it since the iPhone will say, “Untrusted Enterprise Developer” along with iPhone Distribution….has not been trusted on this iPhone.

Some drivers will be scared away with the next sentence:

“Until this developer has been trusted, their enterprise apps will not be able to use.”

You may think that contacting Uber and asking them to submit their application to the App Store would an ideal solution, but that will take time and in most cases, they won’t do as requested.

Actually, there is an easier and better solution to this small problem, and you can do it directly on your device without contacting anyone.

Step 1

Okay, so when you first open your Uber enterprise app you’ve manually installed, you will see a notification that the developer of the app isn’t trusted on your device. It’s safe to dismiss this message, but you can’t open the app at this time.

Step 2

After dismissing this message now it’s time to establish trust for the Uber partner app. Tap Settings > General > Profiles or Profiles & Device Management. You then will see a profile for the developer under the ‘Uber Technologies, Inc’ heading.

Step 3

Tap the profile to establish trust ‘Trust Uber Technologies, Inc’. Next you will be prompted to confirm your selection.

Note once you trust Uber’s profile, you can manually install other apps from Uber from here on out and open them immediately. Uber will remain trusted until you delete the app. If you need to re-install the app, which sometimes is recommended if you ever have app issues, then you will need to re-trust again.

Step 4

Go back to your home screen and try to open the partner app. Since you have personally confirmed the trust of this application, you should have no problems opening it up now.

Keep in mind that you will need an internet connection while trying to verify Uber’s certificate when establishing their trust.

Just in case you’re behind a firewall, make sure it’s configured to allow connections to If you happen to not be connected to the internet or WiFi when you try trusting the Uber app, your device will display “Not Verified” instead.

Therefore, in order to make this work, you need an internet connection, and then you can tap the Verify App button.

We know it can be frustrating to do extra steps just to make an app work, but this untrusted developer error is just another security measurement for iPhone users. It’s actually a good idea to manually approve third-party apps that hasn’t already been trusted by Apple themselves. Community SupportDriver SupportDriver TroubleshootingApp says untrusted enterprise developer,Uber driver app not trusted,Uber Untrusted Enterprise Developer,Untrusted enterprise developer iphone▲Troubleshooting:  Uber Untrusted Enterprise DeveloperThe “Untrusted Enterprise Developer” message that you are experiencing isn’t necessarily an error, but merely a warning that Apple implemented on any devices running IOS 9 and higher.(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});See when you install a third-party applications like Uber that isn't from the official...Rideshare Support Community...