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Community Concern: ☀Is Uber Safe In Chicago?☀ Let Us Discuss!

Uber is committed to ensuring the highest level of personal safety and security to its passengers and drivers alike in the city of Chicago. Uber facilitate literally thousands of safe rides every day by use of innovative technologies, which enhance speed, reliability, and protection of everyone inside and outside the cab. In this article, we shall look at some areas everyone should know about to ensure their safety.

• Safety Before The Ride – Identifying Your Driver

After a rider request a ride, Uber makes available the driver’s profile to ensure double safety. Riders can see their driver’s name (first name only), photo, license plate number and star rating via the app screen.

When the driver arrives it’s very important that the rider pay close attention to the description and match it up with their driver and their vehicle. If a rider find any alarming discrepancy between the app and their reality, then they should cancel the trip and alert Uber.

• Safety During The Ride – Road Etiquettes

Once your trip has started, Uber can trace your route. Uber sophisticated system can collect data like when your trip started and ended, how long you was on your trip, etc. It’s always a good idea to confirm your destination with your driver before y’all take off. If you prefer a specific route, please let them know.

Things To Remember:

■ Do not overcrowd your driver’s vehicle. If you requested an uberX, then it should only be 4 passengers (including you).
■ Try not to bring open beverages or food into the driver’s car. Because a mess could cost you a cleaning fee bill from Uber and the driver.
■ Do not smoke or drink alcohol.
■ Do not ask your driver to speed.

Safety After The Trip – Feedback, Lost Items & Fare Disputes

Uber enables its riders to rate the driver and give anonymous feedback about the drive. They strive to make every ride a comfortable experience by reviewing every customer feedbacks (even the positive ones). Drivers who are reported with violation of Uber’s terms and conditions will be deactivated off their platform.

Although they do not offer phone support at this time, the excellent Uber customer support executives offer 24/7 support via email that the rider can contact for any queries elated to the trip or for recovering lost property.

If a rider has any concerns about their trip’s fare, they shouldn’t try to resolve the matter with the driver. Drivers cannot do anything about billing. Instead contact Uber and request a fare review.


■ Do not pay your driver in cash. Unless you are in a city that accepts cash and the app instructs you to do so. Otherwise you will be billed on the payment method you have on file.
■ Make sure you get all of your belongings before you exit your driver’s vehicle. Even though Uber will help you retrieve your item(s), they are not responsible for lost items.
■ If you make a mess in the driver’s vehicle, you will more than likely be charged anywhere between $50-$200.00.

Uber Drivers’ Safety in Chicago

Just as Uber has a strong focus on rider safety, they are also committed to the provision of maximum safety and security of its drivers.

• Safety Before The Ride – Picking Up The Right Rider

Uber discourages drivers from picking up an anonymous rider. Before requesting a ride with Uber, all passengers are required to sign up an account proving all the necessary information like personal mobile number, name and payment information.

This means that when a ride request is accepted by the Uber driver, both the driver and Uber get the complete information of the rider being picked up. In most cases, the rider will have a profile picture to help identify them. Even if a picture is present or not – drivers should always ask the rider to confirm their name and match it against the info they have.

When confirming the rider’s identity, a driver should never say “Are you John.” Instead the driver she ask “May I have your name” or the name on the Uber account. Allowing them to confirm the info rather then asking them a yes or no question will leave less room for a wrong rider pickup.

Uber drivers are not paid if they pickup the wrong rider.

Safety During Ride  – Keeping It Safe

Uber provides all drivers with in- app navigation technology which facilitates their access to the destination that the rider chooses, safely and precisely without any delays.

For each cab ride, GPS data is logged, which provides responsibility and liability, as Uber gets constant information on who the rider is, and to which destination the driver is driving and so on. In a nutshell, each ride is being monitored thoroughly.

However, drivers still should use common sense and precautions. If a driver ever feel unsafe about a pick-up once they have arrived, they should consider cancelling the trip and notifying Uber. If the driver is on a trip and feel unsafe for any reason, they should pull over at the nearest, well-lit, safe location like a gas station and ask the rider(s) to exit their vehicle and end the trip.

Please let Uber know about this. Notifying Uber is one way to keep things like this documented and for more serious issues have the rider removed from the platform.

• Safety After The Trip – Being A 5 Star Driver

Drivers should never ask the riders to pay cash outside of the Uber system. Doing so will cause the rider to be billed twice because trips are automatically billed by Uber.

Nor should a driver ask for a tip. Drivers should be proactive and check their vehicle quickly upon the rider(s) exiting to make sure no one have left anything behind.

Doing so on every ride will make the driver’s Uber life much easier. Or, the driver could remind the rider(s) to get all their things before the ride comes to a complete stop.

Driver feedback is yet another feature offered by Uber. Here, the driver can rate the rider just as they are rated by the rider.

This two way feedback system promotes accountability and helps to improve each ride. Riders who violate Uber terms and service will be prevented from using Uber service in future.

A few more tips for both riders and drivers:

■ Do not carry a lot of cash.

■ If you have to meet your rider or driver to return a lost item (if you are not comfortable), you can check with Uber and see if they have an office in your area for lost items pickups or you can meet one another in a public area or perhaps a police station.

■ Give respect – don’t argue with each other.

■ Don’t give out personal info. Community SupportChicagoUber Safe In ChicagoCommunity Concern: ☀Is Uber Safe In Chicago?☀ Let Us Discuss! // Uber is committed to ensuring the highest level of personal safety and security to its passengers and drivers alike in the city of Chicago. Uber facilitate literally thousands of safe rides every day by use of innovative technologies, which...Rideshare Support Community...