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Driver Discussion: Uber Pay Statements– This article will help you understand this topic a bit better.

In 2018 the best way to get access to your Uber pay statement is via the partner app. You can find all your weekly statements plus all the trips you may have taken within the last 7 day period.

Select ‘pay statements‘ if you want to see your past weeks statement. If you click on the ‘earning tab‘ there is a graph that shows your estimated payout for the week.

Please note that some trips may not be immediately available for your viewing. This is normal! Give it at least 24 – 48 hours before you contact support.

^Below instructions can change without notice.^

Uber Pay Statements

For starters, you can always find your detailed trip and payment history on

1) Login with the same credentials you use for the Uber Driver app on your device.

2) The “Dashboard” tab shows you all of your completed trips and the amount charged to riders within a certain time frame (1 day, 7 days, 30 days, 365 days).

3) The “Invoice” tab shows you payment history.

4) To get more details about each invoice, click on the “”PDF”” link to get emailed a detailed summary of each trip.

Uber also emails you a payment statement at the end of every payment cycle. Here’s how to read it:

Gross Fare: The total amount charged to the rider
Uber Commission: The service fee you pay Uber to license the app. This is determined on a per trip basis and is a percentage of the gross fare.
Tolls: This accounts for any tolls that you may have paid with the rider in the car.
Miscellaneous Payout: Any payment that is not captured by a trip (Cleaning Fee, Trip Incentive, iPhone Deposit)

Questions Asked By Drivers:

What day am I paid on – can I get paid daily?
■ You should have your money every Friday if not before!

However, daily pay is now an option with Uber through their program called Instant Pay. But there are some requirements you must meet; you need to have been active at least 2 weeks on the platform and taken 25 trips. There are some other restrictions that will apply, but those are the basic requirements. Uber will contact you if you are eligible via email. You can also contact Uber directly and inquire about this program.

Where do I setup my direct deposit?
■ Please go to to setup your direct deposit info. It’s important that you keep this info updated so you can receive your payments and tax documents without delay.

I’m missing a trip, what can I do?
■ There could be a slight delay with the system updating. If it’s been more than 24 hours contact Uber.

Why was my trip adjusted?
■ This is highly likely because your rider wrote in and disputed the fare. The number one reason for fare adjustments is because of inefficient route and behind that is wrong rider. If your fare was adjusted down some, but not to 0, then likely this was route dispute.

If it was adjusted down to ZERO, then there was an issue like you picked up the wrong person or they paid you cash, etc.

I no longer drive for Uber, but need my invoice history.
■ Yes. You will still have access to your pay history.

My log-in info is not working.
■ Make sure you are using the same username and password you use to log-in to the driver app. If you have forgotten your password, you can go to here. Also make sure you are using the correct email address you signed up with. If you still need help, please contact Uber for help accessing your account.

Will Uber verify my employment with them?
■ Drivers are not employees of Uber so they will not verify your pay history or driving status. If you are applying somewhere who is requesting employment verification, you need to explain to them that you are an independent contractor.

They should allow you to show your past pay statements with Uber for verification. They might also request past tax returns and bank statements also. Therefore if you haven’t been consistently making money with Uber, then your chances of getting whatever you are trying to get is slim to none. You need to be able to prove that you have stable income.

Uber deactivated my account, how can I get my past Uber pay statements?
■ Even if you have been kicked off the Uber platform, you can still log in to your account to view your payment history. If you have forgotten your password, you can try resetting it.

I did a $300 trip and don’t see it!
■ Sometimes large fares need further review and a manual approval. This is to help prevent fraud. Once a manager approve the fare, which is usually within 24-48 hours it will show up on your dashboard.

Do drivers take a percentage of the safe ride fee?
■ Although the safe ride is added in with your trip’s fare, you will not get a percentage of this. It all goes to Uber. We know it’s confusing. But by Uber adding this fee does not mean they are charging the driver extra or taking away from them either.

Does Uber take out taxes?
■ No. Drivers are responsible for filing their own taxes. If you earned over $600, Uber will issue you a 1099 form.

How much is the deposit to rent a phone, do I pay it all upfront?
■ $200.00 spread over 4 weeks. $50.00 a week. New York drivers are required to pay a $300,00 deposit spread over 2 weeks. $150.00 a week.

How much is the weekly fee to rent a phone?
■ There is a $15.00 a week charge for renting the Uber phone.

When does Uber weekly pay cycle end?
■ Uber week starts on Monday at 4:00 AM to the following Monday at 3:59 AM.

Why I didn’t get paid?
■ You should have your money by Friday. Make sure you are not checking your account too early.

Check and make sure Uber owes you money. If you are still paying on a phone deposit and or phone fee, then it’s possible that you didn’t make enough to be paid. If you do not owe Uber anything this doesn’t apply to you.

Double check your banking info in Vault. It’s easy to make a typo when entering your checking account information. If your information is incorrect that is why you didn’t get paid.
Lastly, make sure your bank don’t have a hold on your funds or took your funds to pay any bank fees.

DailyPay Program: Current and new Uber drivers can now sign up to get paid daily. This can be done by going here to DailyPay. There are no commitments or contracts to sign. You can have your first payment within 24 business hours. No personal info required – just advise where you want your money sent! Sign up now here! The DailyPay program is no longer accepting anymore drivers into their program.

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