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Driver Concern: Why Uber Didn’t Pay Me For Cancellation Of A Trip?

When a fare or fee isn’t paid out to an Uber partner there’s normally a logical reason behind it. Uber doesn’t just randomly take away a driver’s hard earned money. Uber want to gain your trust, not take it away.

Since drivers makes a commitment to their riders wUber Didn't Pay Me For Cancellationhen they accept the request, after the five minute wait Uber charge a cancellation fee (in most cities) to fairly compensate the driver for the time and cost.

Drivers should hit ‘Arriving Now’ to alert the rider they are arriving. That way, the rider will know to be on the lookout or come to their requested pick-up spot. You should NOT hit arriving now if you are really not. One of the best ways to get a low rating from the rider.

Below are some reasons why you were not paid out the cancellation fee.

No Fee City: There are some cities that do not charge a cancellation fee. Please check with customer support to make sure that you are not in one of those “no fee” cities.

Did Not Cancel: In order to be paid a cancellation fee, you must properly cancel the trip out. Some drivers intentionally hit the start trip button instead of cancelling the fare out. Well, this will cause the rider to not be billed correctly. Therefore, the rider will contact Uber letting them know that they did not take a trip with you and Uber will refund the fare.  All cancellation fees are automatically applied by the system, but you must cancel the trip or the fee will not apply if applicable.

Rider Dispute: A lot of times a fee or fare not being paid out is because the rider wrote in and disputed the charge. In this particular case, the rider likely sent a message to Uber letting them know that you didn’t show up and requested a refund. Sometimes a rider is charged twice because the driver cancelled the first trip for whatever reason and a second trip was taken so the rider was charged a cancellation fee and the actual fare. Uber will do their best to determine what happened, but sometimes a driver could have this fee unfairly reversed.

Getting Paid: If your city does not have a cancellation fee, then you are out of luck. The best you can do here is call your rider to confirm pick-up after you have accepted the trip request.

If you was not paid because you didn’t properly cancel the trip out, then you have a slim chance of getting paid at least the cancellation charge. The Uber agent can look back at your history and tell if this is a recurring problem with you starting a trip instead of cancelling it. Don’t be surprised if you are denied getting paid this fee.

If the rider disputed the cancellation, you have a 50/50 chance here of getting your money paid back to you. The Uber agent will typically look at the trip’s data and other variables to determine if you should be paid out or not. Most of the time, they are very understanding and will pay you back accordingly. Unless, you are a driver that has this same issue often – that’s a different story.

Nonetheless, if you was not paid out for a cancellation, you should email Uber at for assistance. Please provide the trip ID number so they are able to quickly locate the trip in questioning. Community SupportDriver SupportUber Didn't Pay Me For CancellationDriver Concern: Why Uber Didn't Pay Me For Cancellation Of A Trip? // When a fare or fee isn't paid out to an Uber partner there's normally a logical reason behind it. Uber doesn't just randomly take away a driver's hard earned money. Uber want to gain your trust, not...Rideshare Support Community...