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Driver Issue: Uber Denied My Application: Today we will jump into some possible reasons your application wasn’t approved.

Being an Uber driver in 2021 is a great business venture for any car owner looking for a way to make money at their own convenience. But not everyone will get approved. Why you might ask. Well, there are a few reasons that come to mind here why a person’s application might get denied. Here are a few:

Background Check: This is the most common reason that prevents at least 80% of drivers from moving forward.

-You need a clean Motor Vehicle Report with no more than three incidents in the past three years, no DUIs, and no reckless driving.

-You need a clean criminal background check no felonies or misdemeanors involving theft, violence, or drugs in the past 7 years.Uber Denied My Application

-You must have at least one year of US driving experience if you are 23 years old or older. Even if you are from another country and been driving there all your life, that wouldn’t count towards the 1-year experience you need in the USA.

Age: You will be surprised how many people apply and do not meet the age requirement. In order to drive for Uber, you must be at least 21. But if you ate 21, you will need to have at least 3 years of USA driving experience instead of just 1-year experience that we mentioned above.

Driver’s License Issues: There are drivers who get denied because their driver’s license shows a date of less than a year or 3 years.

Remember you must have at least 1-year experience if you are 23 and 3 years experience if you are 21/22.

For example; if your license shows an issue date of being less than 1 or 3 years old, then you will be denied. But, this is an easy fix. A lot of times a person’s DL might show a new issue date because they have moved and got a new one, the old one expired, etc. Therefore all you need to do is go to your local DMV and ask for a copy of your driving history. Submit it to Uber. Problem solved.

Documents: Normally an issue with documents can be sorted out. But there are times when a driver will be flat out denied.

You are not listed on the insurance. You do not need to be the policyholder, but you must be listed on the policy as an additional driver as we mentioned above.

Altered documents. Yes, there are some people who try passing off altered documents. Uber has a team much like underwriters who do nothing but verify documents.

Documents you will be required to submit are:

Proof of residency
Valid US driver’s license
Vehicle insurance

Vehicle Issue: On a rare occasion, a potential driver could be denied because of their vehicle. Each city has its own vehicle age requirement and type of vehicles that can be used. Some cities will allow a vehicle as old as 2004, while others will only accept a model 15 years old or newer. Some cities will allow 4 door pickup trucks, while some will not. It just all depends. Your car title cannot be salvaged, reconstructed, or rebuilt. If you do not personally own your vehicle, you must be listed as a driver on this particular car insurance policy.

Possibility of Getting Approved: Always check with Uber and see if there’s anything you can do to overturn their decision. Certainly, altered documents and not having an incorrect vehicle is a no, no. But, sometimes there can be an error in your Motor Vehicle Report that needs to be corrected by your local DMV. Uber normally will give you a chance to have this fixed.

Uber Denied My Application

Life After Uber Denial

There are many more businesses you can venture into if you are not able to get approved by Uber. Here are some ideas you can try out.

Try Your Own Private Cab Service

Just because you will not be an Uber driver does not mean that you can no longer get into the driving business. You can still be your own boss and start a private Taxi Cab Service. You could even partner with other like-minded people and grow the business. In essence you will be doing the same thing as Uber drivers only that you will not use the Uber app to get clients. Check with your local DMV to see if you need to change/update your standard license.

Driving School Instructor

If you are good at driving and have the patience to teach another person then this might just be the best business idea for you. With more people wanting to own cars in the near future they require to know how to drive first, of course. For this reason there is a large market for driving instructors. This demand is not limited to a geographical location and so no matter where you are located this idea may just suit you. In order to do this, you will need to meet your state minimum requirements and obtain the proper instructor license. If you are interested, you should Google your state along with “Requirements to be a driving instructor.”

Mobile Car Wash Service

If you are located in a busy city then this might be something else you should consider. Your car can help you move around and carry all the items you need for a car washing business. This service is almost always in demand. To make your business even more preferable is the fact that you will be taking your service to the customer at their convenience.

Deliver Newspaper 

You might not have thought about this one, but newspaper delivery is another side money maker. Papers need to be delivered and someone must do it. Contact your local newspaper and see how you can get started.

Deliver Phone Books

Yellow book is always looking for folks to deliver their books. You are paid weekly. Check them out at

Honestly, with good customer service and marketing skills, you can get huge benefits from any venture you decide to pursue. Find you something to do where you do not have to invest a lot of start-up capital. A business you can start almost instantaneous, a job where you are still pretty much in control and your own boss!

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