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Are you tired of waiting for a whole week before receiving your Uber payments? Well you are in luck because now with a program called DailyPay, you can start receiving your payments within 24 hours.

Update 11/2016: This program is no longer available, however, you can get daily pay via Uber. You can learn about getting paid daily directly from Uber here.

DailyPay is a new payment solution that allows existing and new Uber drivers receive daily payments directly into their bank account.

This makes it easy for any driver to track their earnings and have on-demand cash when they need it.

You might have heard some talk about this new payment arrangement, but you were not too sure about it or had questions; relax, we are going to look at how DailyPay works and why you should sign up for this program at your earliest convenience.

Drivers Reviews

Many drivers have expressed satisfaction with this new daily payment formula. They attribute this to daily and timely payments that ensure ready access to hard earned cash.

Easy sign up procedures and user friendly interface has also been cited as an added benefit while using the platform.

The fact that you can directly get help by contacting customer care has also made DailyPay stand out as Uber friendly and customer focused payment alternative.

Uber Daily Pay Reviews

uber-dailypay-freeWhat is DailyPay?

DailyPay is an independent business that aims at reducing your long wait to access cash. They are based in New York and is backed up by a team of strategists and venture capitalist to enable rideshare drivers, food delivery drivers and contractors receive a next day payment.

The whole process is automatically executed and you don’t need to provide any too personal information or fill out daily paperwork in order to receive your funds.

The following are the benefits of using the new upscale payment system and why you should consider signing up for this innovative technology.

How it works:

Upon sign up and editing your Uber payment status, DailyPay will deposit funds equal to your daily fare payments at the end of 24 hour period.

You get 90 per cent deposited in your account each day and the remaining 10 percent is paid at the end of the week after Uber has settled the settlement with DailyPay.

Withheld 10 per cent is used to adjust any inconvenience in case of customer complaint, fare adjustment or car fuel usage. You are required to set a minimum amount to initiate the payment in order to avoid unnecessary fees in case of small payments.


It is cheaper to use DailyPay due to lower fees charge which is based on your daily income. You are only charged $0.99 to transfer funds to your account for income below $149 and $1.49 for income above $150 dollar.

The fee is only applicable for the days that you have worked. The daily fees are subject to taxation and it is important to consult a tax expert on proper filling procedure to abide by the set taxation requirements.

Reasons To Get Paid Daily

Ensures that you have money to meet unexpected emergencies:

Uber enables you to use your vehicle to make a full time or part time income. True, but while in your line of ridesharing duty, your vehicle could develop mechanical problem that can pose a threat to your operation.

Alternatively, you can have an emergency cash requirement for your home or loved one.

Instead of running to friends or taking out a short-term loan to borrow money until your next payday – if you are registered with DailyPay, you can expect a deposit within 24 hours after you have taken trips on the Uber system.

Which is why this is an excellent payment alternative. You don’t have to bother your friends or incur interest when searching for money to meet your unexpected daily needs!

Easy to track your daily productivity:

We all operate on tight budgets and desire to always make the best each day. By signing up for a daily payment arrangement, you can easily monitor your productivity and take the necessary steps to improve on this.

By looking at your DailyPay statements, you can set your daily minimum targets and make the best of every minute that you spend working. You can easily realize when you fail to meet your daily goal and take immediate steps to rectify on this which may include working more hours on the Uber platform.

Low and affordable fees:

DailyPay charge friendly rates to transfer money to your account. The amount paid is lower compared to other Uber payment channels. To avoid incurring unnecessary transfer charge, you can set a daily minimum limit that will allow funds transfer when you hit a certain income target. This makes it easy and affordable for you to readily access your cash. Right now you can try DailyPay free for 2 weeks.

Reliable form of payment and customer support:

DailyPay uses Wells Fargo as a partner bank in executing all the daily payments, thus ensuring safety payments procedure while safeguarding user information.

This also ensures that your payment detail is not exposed to any third party who may use it for other purposes like hacking your account. In case of any payment issues, you can get in touch with the customer service team by either direct phone call or email.

You will get all your payment queries timely attended to by the friendly customer service team.

Pay your bills on time:

Apart from meeting unexpected cash emergencies, daily earnings allow you to pay for your bills without delay. You no longer have to wait for Uber to pay you by Friday for bills to be paid, especially if the bill is due at that moment and cannot wait till Friday.

This new payment technology will help ensure that you pay your bills on time due to regular daily payments. Whether it is getting gas to run your vehicle or other personal bills, you don’t have to experience the inconvenience associated with waiting for long before settling your debts.

Makes it easy to budget for money and your time:

With daily earnings and DailyPay statements, Uber drivers can now easily budget for both money and time. It allows you to make proper use of money by allocating it to the expected purpose without diversion.

By tracing your daily income, it will be easy for you to identify if you are operating for profit or loss.

This will necessitate the need to remove any unwanted expenses and prompt you to plan well for your time in order to increase your earnings.

Lump sum weekly payments can deceive you that you are making a lot of money, but this might be not the case when you divide it according to the number of days you have worked.

Sufficient motivation factor:

Money is a definite motivating factor to any Uber driver; everyone desires to make more money on any given day.

By setting your minimum daily target and working hours, you will find new ways to help you realize and come closer to your dream. By doing this you will get the right driving force to work smarter and not harder.

Access to credit from the bank:

Continuous income flow gives you the advantage of accessing funds from your bank to finance a dream project.

By looking and analyzing your financial statements, a bank can finance you a given sum of money based on your income. Regular source of income indicates that you have good repayment ability. Community SupportDriver PaymentUber Daily Pay ReviewsDriver Topic: ☀Uber DailyPay Reviews☀ // Are you tired of waiting for a whole week before receiving your Uber payments? Well you are in luck because now with a program called DailyPay, you can start receiving your payments within 24 hours. Update 11/2016: This program is no longer available, however, you...Rideshare Support Community...