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Community Question: ☀What Are Uber Cities In New York?☀

Who remember just back in 2011 when Uber secretly put Uber drivers on the road? It was a secret because the now tech giant was beta testing a few things before they launched. Well we glad they did because now we have more options of car service than almost any other Uber city.

Currently Uber Cities In NYC Are:

Uber New York Vehicle Options:

uberX – Cheap Sedan| Holds up to 4 people | Mid-Size Sedan: i.e Toyota Camry
○Base Fare| $2.55
○Per Minute| +$0.35
○Per Mile| +$1.75
○Minimum Fare| $8.00
○Cancellation Fee| $10.00

XL – Cheapest SUV| Holds up to 6 people | Standard SUV: i.e Toyota Highlander
○Base Fare| $3.85
○Per Minute| +$0.50
○Per Mile| + $2.85
○Minimum Fare| $10.50
○Cancellation Fee| $10.00

BLACK – The Luxury Option| Hold up to 4 | Luxury Vehicle: i.e. Mercedes S-Class
○Base Fare| $7.00
○Per Minute| +$0.65
○Per Mile| + $3.75
○Minimum Fare| $15.00
○Cancellation Fee| $10.00

SUV – Luxury Black| Hold up to 6 | Full Sized Vehicle: i.e Cadillac Escalade
○Base Fare|$14.00
○Per Minute|+$0.58
○Per Mile|+$4.50
○Minimum Fare|$25.00
○Cancellation Fee|$10.00

uberTAXI – City Cabs| Holds up to 4 | Standard TAXI
○Booking Fee | $2.00
○Cancellation Fee | $5.00
○Must Pay Driver*
○Uber cannot adjust fares on city cabs.*
○Promo code do not apply to TAXI*

New York Common Asked Questions & Issues:

Q. How do I get a fare estimate?
A. You can get a fare estimate either via the app or by clicking here.

Q. My driver got lost, what can I do?
A. Contact Uber and request a fare review. If your driver getting lost caused your fare to be a lot more outside of their estimate, then you can expect that portion refunded or a credit.

Q. My driver got pulled over by the police and I was billed extra time.
A. Explain this to Uber. They will be able to see the extra time in their map system. Uber will take care of you.

Q. I left my phone in my driver car!
A. If you have a friend or family member’s phone to use, you can still gain access to your Uber account so you can give the driver a call. If the driver do not answer the phone, please leave them a voicemail. Next go ahead and email Uber requesting that they also reach out to the driver on your behalf. Uber agents can send the driver a text message, which is the fastest and best line of communication. Especially if the driver is on another trip.

Q. I paid my driver in cash for my cleaning fee and still was billed by Uber.
A. Never pay your driver outside of the Uber system for anything (unless you are tipping). When it comes to cleaning reimbursement, the driver can still submit a claim to Uber causing you to be billed a second time. However, you should contact Uber and let them know and maybe they will refund all or some of your money. But that’s a big IF.

Q. Way was I charged an upcharge when my driver had a big enough vehicle for everybody?
A. If you request an uberX or uberBLACK that is intended for 4 passengers, you cannot let more than 4 ride with you. Even if your driver is driving a SUV, you only paid for 4 people! If you want to take more riders, you should cancel the trip and request an uberXL or SUV.

Q. My driver didn’t open the door or offer water.
A. This type of treatment is up to the driver. Uber cannot mandate a driver to do these nice things even though they do recommend it.

Q. I gave my driver the wrong rating.
A. No problem. Let Uber know and they will update it for you.

Additional Uber New York Information:

Age requirement: Must be at least 18 to ride in an Uber without an adult.

Multiple Stops: If you need to make multiple stops, please let your driver know. The driver will keep the meter running the entire time, though.

Pets: Drivers are not required to allow animals to ride unless it’s a service animal. If you have a pet with you, please let the driver know. It will be at the desertion of the driver to allow your animal.

Waiting: If you need to go somewhere and you need your driver to wait on you, the driver can do so. But, he or she will leave the meter running while doing so.

Smoking & Eating: It would be up to the driver if he will allow smoking or eating in their vehicle. Please check with them first. The smell from both will likely leave an unpleasant odor for the next rider.

Payment Methods: Credit card, PayPal, Apple and Google Wallet.

Cleaning Fee: If the rider make a mess they might be charged $25.00 up to $200.00 on top of their trip’s fare.

Safety: Make sure the driver’s picture, car make, model, and tag number matches the app.

Lost Item(s): Please contact your driver first via the app. If you do not have access to the app, you can login to your online account from any device at and click on “Lost Item”.

TAXI Lost Item: If you cannot reach them through Uber, the rider can file a lost property inquiry by calling 311-NEW-YORK or 212-NEW-YORK.

Problem With Fare: You can submit for a fare review via the app by tapping on “help”, “trips”, select the trip then “fare issues”. Uber do not adjust TAXI fares.

TAXI Complaints: Dial 311-NEW-YORK. If you are outside of NYC, you can dial 212-NEW-YORK.

Cancellation Policy: Cancel within 5 minutes to avoid fee.

Tipping: Riders are not required to tip an Uber driver. But, you can change the default gratuity given to your TAXI driver by going to and clicking on the “payment” tab.

Car Seat: You can request one by selecting the car seat option in your app. $10 surcharge will be added to your fare.

Uber New York Locations: Note that these locations are typically for drivers.

Monday-Sunday from 10AM-5PM
633 WEST 27TH ST, 3RD FL
NEW YORK, NY 10001

Monday-Friday from 10AM-5PM
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