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Rider Discussion: ☀Uber Chicago Fare Estimate☀ Here’s the complete guide on riding Uber in Chicago.

Minimum Fare $4.20
Cancellation Fee $5.00
4 passengers max[/one-third-first][one-third]uberXL
Minimum Fare $8.20
Cancellation Fee $5.00
6 Passengers Max[/one-third][one-third]UberSELECT
Minimum Fare $10.20
Cancellation Fee $5.00
4 Passengers Max[/one-third]


[one-third-first]UberBLACKBlack Luxury
Minimum Fare $15.00
Cancellation Fee $10.00
4 Passengers Max[/one-third-first][one-third]UberSUVBlack Luxury SUV
Minimum Fare $25.00
Cancellation Fee $10.00[/one-third] [one-third][/one-third]


Age Requirement: Must be 18. Under 18 must be with an adult.

Passenger Capacity: If you request an uberX or BLACK, you can not have more than 4 passengers total on your trip. Even if your driver is driving a larger vehicle, you can only fit 4 passengers. If you need a larger vehicle, you should cancel the trip and re-request a larger car.

Surge Pricing: When rides are in high demand prices goes up. The app will display this if and when this happen. You have the choice to accept it or not. You can always try to wait until the pricing goes by down to regular price.

Multiple Stops: Your Uber driver is allowed to make multiple stops. However, you will be billed the entire time until your final detestation.

Payment Method: Credit & debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay & Google Wallet. Most prepaid cards are not accepted.

Wait Time: If you need your driver to wait on you, please let them know. Normally, the driver will not have an issue with this. Keep in mind that you will be billed, the driver is allowed to keep the meter running.

However, if you are running late when the driver arrive to pick you up, the driver should not start the meter before you enter the vehicle. But keep in mind that after 5 minutes, the driver can cancel the trip and you may be billed a fee.

Pets: Unless your animal is a service dog, then it’s at the discretion of the driver if he will allow the pet to enter his vehicle or not.

Smoking & Eating: Since Uber do not owe vehicles, they cannot tell you if you can smoke or not inside a driver’s car. But more than likely your driver will not allow smoking of any kind. As for eating, this is also up to your driver. Although you might not make a mess, the food will properly leave behind a smell. Which might not be too pleasant for the next riders.

Tipping: You are not required to tip your driver. However, if he or she did a great job, then you should tip only if you would like. But there is no pressure to do so.

Lost Items: You should try contacting your driver first via the app. If they do not answer, please leave a message with your name, number and a description of the missing item(s). You should give the driver time to call you back.

If it’s urgent, you can also contact Uber support and let them know that you have already contacted the driver and left a message and ask them could they try reaching them too. Uber will do their best to help you get in contact with the driver.

Cleaning Fee: If you or someone in your party makes a mess, you can expect to be billed anywhere between $25-$200.00 on top of your fare.

About TAXI: The app is automatically set to give your TAXI driver a 20% gratuity. You can change this my logging into your online account and going to the ‘payment’ tab.

Also if you have an issue with a TAXI fare for the most part Uber cannot adjust or do much about it. You would need to file your dispute through the city since these are city cabs.

Fare Issues: If you have an issue with a Uber product ride like uberX, XL, BLACK, etc., (except TAXI) you can contact Uber and request a fare review.

Car Seat: Drivers are not required to carry car seats, but you are welcomed to bring your own.

Airport: Uber drivers can pick-up and drop-off at the Chicago O’Hare International Airport & Midway.

There’s a $5.00 airport surcharge. This fee goes to the City of Chicago, not Uber or the driver. The driver will pick you up from the departure level. You should only request your Uber will you are ready to leave.

Drivers can not wait at the curbside for you more than 1 or 2 minutes. Your driver will call you to confirm your whereabouts so please answer their call. If you do not hear from the driver, you can always give them a quick call.

Safety: For airport pick-ups: You should see the Uber signage displayed on the passenger side of the driver’s car windshield in addition to the airport sign on the rear windshield. Also the app will display a picture of the driver and description of the vehicle and tag number. This will help you identify your driver

Promo Code: All promo codes must be entered prior to taking the trip. If not your code will not apply towards your ride. So please double-check before taking your ride. Also keep in mind that promo codes cannot and will not be applied towards any TAXI ride.

Tolls: Riders are not responsible for paying for tolls upfront. Tolls are added to your fare automatically. If you pay for your toll(s) during your trip, you will be billed again by Uber.

5 Star Rider Etiquettes:
Ask permission before you eat food.
Discard any beverage before entering the vehicle if it’s not in a spill proof container or has a lid on it. 
Confirm your finial destination with your driver.
If you have a preferred route let them know.
Do not ask the driver to do anything illegal like speeding.
Take all trash and belongings with you.

Cancellation Policy: If you cancel prior to 5 minutes there will be no charge. Community SupportChicagoUber Chicago Fare EstimateRider Discussion: ☀Uber Chicago Fare Estimate☀ Here's the complete guide on riding Uber in Chicago. //     Age Requirement: Must be 18. Under 18 must be with an adult. ▸Passenger Capacity: If you request an uberX or BLACK, you can not have more than 4 passengers total on your trip....Rideshare Support Community...