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Rider Issue: Uber Charged Me $200| You will find out why today!

The reason you were charged $150.00-$200.00 is because Uber recently learned from your driver about some sort of mess that was made in their vehicle. Unfortunately, your driver was forced to take their car to get cleaned in the middle of the shift after this incident, meaning they lost out of on all of their fares during this time. Because of this, Uber charged you the max cleaning fee. Update: Nowadays Uber really don’t charge a rider $200. The most they charge is $150 in most incidents. Certainly for special situations the fee could be more.

The cleaning fee is on top of your initial fare. So if your fare was $9.25, then your new total will be $209.25 (if you was billed $200 for cleaning). This will appear as two separate transactions on your credit card statement.Uber Charged Me 200

Uber understand that these messes are not caused intentionally by riders, however, that does not remove the responsibility for the cleaning fee from the rider as Uber has explained.

Because the illness or mess occurred during your trip, you are responsible for the cleaning fee to reimburse the driver for the damage done to his vehicle and lost revenue.

Understand How The Fees Are Assessed A Little Better

$20: Small messes that can be taken care of with a little cleaning or vacuuming. $40: Medium size vomit or spills on the exterior of driver’s car.
$80: Large messes including vomit that would require the driver to have vehicle detailed. $150: Huge messes mainly body fluids like blood, urine and or vomit. And vomit between the windows and doors.

Cleaning Fee FAQ

»Friend Vomit, Not Me: Even if the mess was not done by you, but maybe a friend or family member, you are still responsible. If you requested the Uber from your account, then Uber can only bill you for the incident. You would need to work something out with your friend in order to get your $200.00 back.

»Baby or Pet Mess: Unfortunately, no matter who made the mess, if it was done during your trip – you are responsible.

»Helped Clean The Mess: Sometimes a rider will help the driver clean up their vehicle or may even clean it all up themselves. Although, you may have made sure the vehicle was clean before you departed ways with your driver doesn’t mean they cannot send in a claim for reimbursement. Do you have any photos of the vehicle after you cleaned it? If you do, send it in to Uber and see if it’s any way they can take that into consideration.

»Paid The Driver In Cash: First, you should not pay your driver in cash. The problem here is that the driver can still submit a claim to be paid under the cleaning fee guidelines. Uber doesn’t have anything to do with transactions made outside of their system so they may or may not issue you a partial refund.

»Dispute The Charge With Bank: If you do a chargeback with your finical institution, you will not be able to ride Uber again until this fee is re-paid. Having your bank reverse the charge will do remove your obligation to pay the cleaning fee.

»The Max Cleaning Fee: At this time you can be billed anywhere between $50.00 to $200.00 in increments. Uber cleaning fee start at $20-$150 now days. If you were charged outside of this amount, you need to check with Uber to clarify the additional charges. It’s very possible that there was some damages that caused you to be billed outside of the max $150 range.

»See The Receipt: At this time drivers do not have to send in cleaning receipts. Many drivers have been driver long enough to know how to properly clean their vehicle without going to a professional. Just imagine if the driver had more than one passenger vomiting a day, which does happen often. How could they possibly get their car detailed for every incident? If they did, they would never make any money. At this time, photos are all that is necessary to submit a claim for reimbursement. Uber will however send you the photos that were turned in to them.

»Charged Too Much: If you feel that the cleaning fee should not be the max of $200.00, then you should contact Uber and ask for a reassessment of the damages. Drivers must send in photos of the damages you left behind. Therefore it will be easy for the agent to reevaluate your situation.

»Getting A Refund: Uber will not refund the cleaning fee, as 100% of the fee goes directly to the driver. If you ask for a reevaluation and it’s determine that you was billed too much, then the agent will issue you a partial refund.

The most common cleaning fee is for vomit. Most of the time this occur when a rider is being picked up from the bar, club and on some holidays. Therefore we encourage riders and drivers to always carry Emesis Bag for vomit just in case if someone gets sick. This might seem like a silly idea, but it will likely keep you from being billed $200.00 in the future also.

Conclusion: According to Uber FAQ, the cleaning fee range is now from $20.00 to $150.00. If you were charged $200.00 recently this could be in addition to something else. Was there any other damages? That made Uber have to bill you extra outside of their usual cost.

Contact: If you would like to have your cleaning fee reevaluated, please click here and sign-in at the bottom of this article to get help with this issue. Community SupportCleaning FeeRider SupportUber 200 cleaning fee,Uber Charged 200,uber charged me $200 cleaning feeRider Issue: ★Uber Charged Me $200| You will find out why today! // The reason you were charged $150.00-$200.00 is because Uber recently learned from your driver about some sort of mess that was made in their vehicle. Unfortunately, your driver was forced to take their car to get cleaned...Rideshare Support Community...