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Driver Discussion: ☀Uber Rental Car Policy and Program☀

We are sure that you would love to know that Uber has teamed up with Enterprise Rental to allow potential drivers rent out cars for a discounted rate!

The idea behind this partnership is that while most people may want to drive on Uber’s platform, not all of them have cars that meet the company’s requirements, unfortunately.Uber Car Rental Program

For the first time ever…

Drivers can now elect to pay as low as $215 a week to Enterprise for renting a car. Aside from this fee, a potential driver will have to pay a $250 refundable deposit as well as a $40 sign-up fee.

At one point it was reported that if drivers exceed 90 miles per day, there would be also an additional $0.25 per mile rate tacked on.Well this seem to be a thing of the past because all Uber drivers will receive unlimited mileage.

This article will walk you through everything you need to know about this program.

Who is Eligible?

To be eligible to partner with Uber, you must pass a background check. This means no drug-related offenses, no history of careless driving and no criminal history. In addition, the driver must be over 25 years of age and has a valid in-state driver’s license and a valid debit or credit card.

Lastly, a potential driver must be in good standing with the Enterprise Rent-A-Car and consent to having their rental charges deducted from their weekly earnings. Because of these few requirements, the program has attracted a stunning array of drivers.

Which Locations are Covered?

The platform’s reach is staggering. Residents of Denver, Los Angeles, New Jersey, San Diego, Boston, Chicago and San Francisco can now benefit from this partnership. The company will be adding more locations in the coming weeks.

Uber aim to get you behind the wheel so you can be your own boss. This program is a big deal since traditionally rental car firms haven’t allowed customers to use their cars on Uber-like platforms.Drive For Uber Without A Car

What Types of Cars are Available for Lease?

Uber-driver hopefuls can rent low-mileage Nissan Sentra, Chevy Cruze, Toyota Corolla, Hyundai Elantra and Ford Focus vehicles. According to Uber, the program will eventually expand to include more vehicles.

The rental duration is at least one week. If the driver remains in good standing with the company, they may continue to drive for up to 4 weeks.

All rented cars must be checked for inspection and mileage on a monthly basis.

What Should Uber-Driver Hopefuls Have at a Time of Rentals?

Anyone who rents a car through this new program must bring their valid in-state driver’s license and credit or debit card. At the time of the rental, the enterprise will collect a $250 deposit and have drivers consent to having their weekly charges deducted from their earnings.

When the vehicle is returned, the enterprise will refund the deposit minus any outstanding charges, within one month.

Are Drivers Limited by Mileage?

While you can use the vehicle for any purpose, including driving for a competitor, you are limited by mileage. The rental encompasses 2,500 miles driven in 28 days. Should you exceed your mileage limit, you must pay an extra $0.25 per mile.

Realize that if you don’t drive enough to cover your rental charges, the Enterprise will charge the outstanding fee to the credit or debit card that’s on the file in the event of any difference.

What Type of Liability is Provided?

If you are renting a vehicle and you get involved in a grisly car accident, you may be on the hook for several million dollars. This is why liability protection is included in all rentals.

The amount of protection depends on several factors including the stage of use. Rentals also include physical damage protection for damages exceeding $1,000. So if you get involved in an accident and you are found to be at fault, the maximum you will pay for car damage is less than $1,000.

Who Should Pay for Maintenance?

Maintenance is also included in the cost. Return the car to the Enterprise you picked it from once a month and they will take care of it. If you are far from the designated Enterprise location, simply call the enterprise and you will be directed to a nearby authorized dealer—at no extra cost.Uber Enterprise Car Rental Policy

Don’t worry about not getting the vehicle again once you have returned it for inspection. If you are in good standing with Uber and the Enterprise, you can book another one anytime.

This program is aimed towards people who wish to drive with Uber but don’t have access to a car. The program comes with all sorts of benefits, making it a great job opportunity. The fee is affordable and won’t sky-rocket during peak seasons!


Once you have passed your background check with Uber, you will need to consent to the Uber Vehicle Solutions Program here. Then, fill out the online application form located here. Once you fill out the application form, a member of the Enterprise Rent-A-Car® team will contact you within 24 hours.


■ Absolutely NO credit check, get started with a $250 refundable deposit and $40 nonrefundable startup fee
■ Rental charges are automatically deducted from your weekly Uber earnings
■ You get manufacturer-recommended maintenance, damage protection, and vehicle coverage included
■ Low-mileage Toyota Corolla, Nissan Sentra, Hyundai Elantra, Honda Civic, Chevy Cruze, and Ford Focus vehicles
■ Uber Driver rate of $215 per week + taxes and fees
■ Rate includes unlimited mile

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