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Rider Issue: ☀Uber Can’t Delete Credit Card☀

Another common issue that a rider might face is trying to delete their credit card off of their Uber account. We are here to help you rectify the issue as much as we can.

First, you should know that you won’t be able to delete a credit card if you do not have another payment method on file. We understand that some riders rather not have any billing method attached to their Uber account for whatever reason, however, that’s not how Uber works.

There is absolutly no way not to have any payment method on file with Uber. Even if you contact Uber directly, they will not be able to remove your credit card without you adding a second pay method on file first.

If you absolutely don’t want anything on file with Uber, you will have to request for your account to be deleted. Meaning, you will not be able to use the rideshare service anymore. Also, if you try to setup a new account, you still will have to provide an acceptable payment method in order to setup the new account. In order words, there is no way around this here.

So for the ones who cannot delete their credit card because they only have one method on file, please go and add a second payment method so you can delete the one you no longer want. Problem solved here!

The type of acceptable payment methods you can add to your account is:
Credit cards
Debit cards
Uber gift cards
Digital wallets

If you do have two payment methods on file, but you are having issues deleting your card, then your problem sounds more technical and we need to do some basic troubleshooting.

Uber Can’t Delete Credit Card


■ Log completely out of the app
■ Go to in your phone browser or go directly to your app store and make sure you have the most updated app version on your phone
■ Turn you device completely off for a few seconds
■ Log back in and now try deleting your unwanted credit card: Remember this will only work if you already have a second method on file.

If you is still not able to delete your card via the app lets try doing it directly via your online profile account.

Deleting Credit Card Online:

To be able to delete a credit card directly from your online profile, please follow these steps:

■ Log in using the website.
■ From there on the left side of the screen, click on Payment.
■ Under the Payment Methods you’ll see your enrolled credit cards – go ahead and tap the one you no longer want on file.
■ If you would like to add a new payment click the “+” icon to add the new card details.

Uber Payment Common Asked Questions:

Q.) What other payment methods do Uber take beside credit card?

A.) Debit cards, Venmo, Paypal, digital wallets like Google Wallet and Apple Pay and Uber gift cards. Some cities allow riders to pay with cash. If that option is available to you then you will see it via the app. Otherwise you should NEVER pay your driver in cash for your ride. If you do you will be billed twice!

Q.) Can I use a prepaid card?

A.) Unfortunately, most prepaid cards are not accepted. If your prepaid card is not associated with an actual social security number, then more then likely it cannot be added. You will get an error message when trying to add it. The prepaid cards that anyone can obtain that is not attached to an individual person will not work.

Q.) My ride was paid on the wrong credit card, what can I do?

A.) Contact Uber and let them know that you need them to switch payment methods on that trip. If you got at least 2 payment methods on file, they can refund the wrong one and charge the correct one. If you do not have another card on file, please go and add one first before contacting Uber about making the switch.

In the future, keep in mind that you are able to select your preferred payment during your ride, but you must do this before the trip ends. All you need to do is swipe up from the bottom of the app and select your preferred payment method.

Q.) I have some Uber credits, how can I use them instead of being billed on my credit card?

A.) Typically, any credits you have will be automatically applied towards your next trip anyway. If you prefer to choose the trip to use them on, we suggest that you go to your ‘payments‘ menu via the app and turn the option off so it want auto apply. When you are ready to use them, you can go back and toggle it back on and it will apply to your next trip.

In order for it to apply correctly, you must have it set to ‘on‘ before your ride comes to an end. Other than that, you will be billed on your credit card. Remember if you do not have enough credits to cover your entire trip, your default payment method on file will be charged for the remaining amount.

Q.) It seem Uber has blocked my credit card, I cannot take a ride!

A.) If you owe Uber any money, you will need to pay your unpaid balance before you can ride again. Even if the money owed is from a separate account, but you both share the same credit card, it still must be made current before either of you can ride. Another problem could be that Uber was unable to pre-authorize your credit card. This is when Uber charges a small amount to your credit card to make sure it’s still valid.

If this authorization has failed, then you cannot ride until you fix this or add a good card to your account. The best thing to do in this case is contact Uber directly and see what’s going on. In some cases you might have to send over a copy of your credit card and government ID. This is mandatory if you want your account to work again.  

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