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Driver Applicant Process: ☀Uber Cab Driver Registration☀

Uber is a privately owned multinational transportation network company, based in San Francisco, California. It operates in 66 countries and 507 cities of the world. Many have dreams of being apart of the mega tech company, but not everyone will make the cut.

Certainly, if you meet certain criteria – it is very easy to be a driving partner of Uber. What drivers love the most is how they can earn money on their own schedule with maximum freedom.

-You are an independent business owner who is leasing the Uber app. You are not employed by Uber.

uber-cab-driver-registrationJoining The Uber Team

To proceed with registering with Uber as a driver; there are certain requirements, you should be aware of.

-It’s a must that you have a four-door vehicle made in 2000 or after 2005 for some cities.
-Your vehicle should be in a well maintained and healthy condition.
-Registration and personal insurance documentation.
-Rebuilt or salvage titles are not accepted.

After you read these guidelines so you will know what to expect, you can apply here.

The Insurance Covered by Uber

Uber will cover you as their driver with a commercial auto insurance of $1 million per accident, only when you are on the trip though. When the driver is not online with Uber, he/she is covered by their own insurance.

In case, if the ridesharing driver of Uber has a policy with collision and comprehensive coverage; the company has their own policy to cover the physical damage of the driver’s car that may occur during a trip. This insurance can be up to the actual cash value of the vehicle, with a $1,000 deductible.

It’s important to mention again that it’s only when a driver is on an active trip they are covered by Uber’s insurance policy; not the time between the trips.

The in-between/waiting period is typically covered by your personal auto insurance. But in case you the driver do not have such coverage, the company covers the liability for body injury of the driver up to $50,000/individual/accident.

This coverage can have a total value of $100,000/accident and $25,000 for the damage of the property.

Making Money With Uber

There is a full flexibility of timing in your working hours of ridesharing.uber-taxi-driver-registration

It is up to you when you decide to go online and accept trip requests. Since the Uber app operates 24/7, you can pick any time of the day to be online with Uber.

Although you can work whenever you see fit; you could be at risk of account deactivation if you do not complete at least 1 measly little trip every 30 days or so.

However, no one is there to force you or compel you to go for rides.

The money earned by the driver varies from one city to another.

Some cities have high median estimated net fare and some have a bit less. In San Francisco it is $27/hour while in Los Angeles it is $16/hour. This estimated hourly rate depends on the net fares of partners in the last month.

Actual fares can vary depending on the time of the day, location, weather and many other factors. Thus, there is a huge range of earning money for Uber drivers on normal working days and as well as on festive seasons.

Driving Options That May Be Available

Uber has grown to offer a very impressive list of ride options via the app. Some of the service selections that are available are economy, premium, accessibility and carpool.

The most famous standard service of the company is UberX.

But UberBLACK and UberSUV are also there, designed for the professional drivers. These drivers need special licenses and commercial auto insurance policies.

Application Verification Process

If you are coming to this transportation platform to be a driver, you have to be at least 21 years old with valid driving license. You should not have any criminal record like DUI or drug related offenses.

Uber 3rd party background check company (Checkr) will scan the last 7 years of your driving record. They also check your record for any fatal accidents or reckless driving.

Once you have submitted your consent for the background check, you can check the status by going to We recommend that you allow a few business days to pass before you start checking your status.

Documentation Requirements

The main documents required for the drivers are- driver license, vehicle insurance identification card and the vehicle registration. All these documents have to be up-to-date. Your name must be listed on the insurance, but not the registration.

Steps to Join the Prestigious Platform of Uber

Along with the documents, drivers need to provide their accurate contact info on the application; so that they can be contacted whenever needed.uber-driver-registration-process

It’s important that you mark the right city you intend to drive in so that the availability of Uber service in the city can be determined during the sign-up process.

The application of Uber can be competed in 30 minutes or even less than that.

But in certain cases it can take much longer if you do not have everything they need on the front end. For example; maybe you haven’t renewed your expired license or registration yet. Maybe you need to obtain replacement copies.

Not having all your documents in place can surely cause a slight delay here. However, once you have everything and submit it over, it will go under a very detailed review process by Uber’s activation team.

If there is a problem with any one of your documents that caused them to reject it, they will reach out and let you know.

The background check is usually the most time consuming of this process. 5-10 business days to process or even longer for some candidates who have lived in several states.

One reason for this is when a lot of drivers sign up at the same time causing a backlog. The other reason could be that you have lived in multiple states, which means multiple state checks. Or somewhere you provided inaccurate information on your application. Then, it becomes hard to retrieve the details in such cases.

Your Social Security Number

In order to complete the background check portion, you need to provide your social security number. Some people don’t feel comfortable with submitting they application online with this type of personal information. The good news is that Uber’s site is very secure, you don’t have to worry about your info being hijacked.

Driver License

Your drivers license has to be at least one year old, as it provides your experience of driving. In some cases a person who has been issued a new license because maybe they have moved into a new state may run into an issue here. Likely their license is going to show less than a year old.

In a case like this, you need to get a copy of your driving history from the DMV and submit it over to Uber for further verification. You need to obtain 1 year if you are over the age of 22, 3 years if you are 21 or 22.

You can send your driving history via email to Make sure you include your name, phone number and email address within the email body.


You have to provide your proof of insurance or identification card for your vehicle. The insurance policy of the car must contain your name and in case you are not named; your application will not be approved.

If your insurance company do not list additional drivers on the insurance card, then you need to get a copy of the declaration pages that shows you as a covered driver and send that in to Uber.


You must also provide the vehicle registration.Unlike the insurance, your registration does not need to have your name listed.

uber-documents-applicationFalsifying Documents

There should not be any tampering with the documents to minimize the time of approval by Uber. Uber team is pretty good at spotting fake, altered documents. If you are found doing such a thing, you will automatically be denied.

Partner App

Once you are done with the application, you can proceed to download the Uber Partner app. This app is specially developed for drivers who will be driving on the platform and is not the same app riders use. Therefore, the Uber Partner app is not available in the app stores.

The app works very fast and is compatible with all the smartphones used now-a-days. It takes up a minimum amount of space on your device and regular updates are done by Uber to give a pleasant experience to their users.

The Waiting Game

After you are done with your part, you need to wait for the final approval by Uber. Sometimes, this waiting period is quite frustrating; so you need to be patient and have to keep full faith in the procedures followed by this app giant.

All these things are done for your security, passengers’ security and also the benefits of the company. Any fake information or details can deny your application.

So you have to be honest with your document details and vehicle information. Once you have become a part of Uber, you will have the same potential to earn good money with minimum complications and difficulties.

This entire process can take 7-12 business days if there are no problems or delays. Community SupportApplication ProcessUber Cab Driver RegistrationDriver Applicant Process: ☀Uber Cab Driver Registration☀ // Uber is a privately owned multinational transportation network company, based in San Francisco, California. It operates in 66 countries and 507 cities of the world. Many have dreams of being apart of the mega tech company, but not everyone will make the...Rideshare Support Community...