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Today’s Rider Topic: ☀How To Save Uber Free Ride & Toggle Uber Credits Off/On?☀

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Answer: A free ride that was earned from most applied promo codes or inviting a friend or family member to Uber cannot be saved. On the other hand, if you have Uber credits, they can be saved by turning them off and on.

A lot of riders always ask how can they save their free ride to use at a later date. It’s understandable that not everybody want to use a free ride when their trip is a short distance and it want cost nothing more than a few bucks and some change. We hear ya!

But, there seems to be some confusion between “Uber free rides” and “Uber credits”.


You can choose to toggle off your Uber credits during the ride request process. You can actually turn them off and on as you please.

Turning Credit Off/On

When confirming your pickup, just tap the credit toggle button to choose whether or not to use your credit(s). Unless toggled off, your credit balance will be applied to your fare, so be sure to double check your payment information when you don’t want to apply your credit to a trip.Save Uber free ride Uber credits toggle

Checking Balance

You can check your credit balance by either logging into your account at, any account credits will be listed in a green box under your profile photo. Or you can select the ‘Payment” tab via the app to see them.

Free Ride Over Credits

If you have both a free ride and credits on your account and you take a ride, your free ride will apply towards that trip instead of the credits. Only way the credits will apply is if the ride was not an eligible ride. Your free rides will always automatically be used over credits unless it’s an ineligible Uber service.


Credits can be used to pay cancellation fees. Free rides cannot.


Remember a “Free Ride” you have earned is not the same as credits.

You CANNOT save a free ride, these types of promotions are automatically applied by the Uber system to your next eligible ride.

It will NOT be applied towards a TAXI, only Uber products like uberX, uberXL, BLACK, etc.

Your free ride that you have earned can not be saved and used at a later time. But, credits you can turn them off and on.

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