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Driver Question:   My Uber account is waitlisted; why?

Unfortunately, an account going into the waitlisted status happens very often. A lot of times, you can get your account back active with little effort.

Answer: Waitlisted is the ubernology to describe an account they have put on hold for some reason. A lot of times, waitlisted is done so Uber can get the driver’s attention. Normally the driver will reach out to Uber, and then they will let them know what the problem is. Uber usually reaches out to the driver first before placing the account on hold.

Waitlisted is different from being rejected. The rejected status means that you are likely done for good with Uber and can no longer drive. However, some stuff we have listed below can lead to deactivation. You should take a look at these before contacting or responding to customer support about your account.

My Uber Account Is Waitlisted
Uber profile waitlisted

Top reasons for an account to become waitlisted:

Documents Your document(s) has expired and needs updating – This is an easy fix. Just send your updated document to Uber. They should have your account reactivated within 24-48 hours unless there is an issue with your document. If your documents have been dinged as fraudulent will definitely cause your account to be temporarily suspended.

No U Sign – If you are in a city that requires you to have the “U” Sign trade dressing in your vehicle and you do not. If this is you, you need to head to your local Greenlight location and pick one up. Or, click here to request one online if you have a U Sign already but have been deactivated because of it. It could be you do not have it up in the correct location(s) or forgot to put it up. If you get a ticket because you did not have your U Sign properly displayed – Uber will not be responsible.

Accept a Street Hail – You are NOT allowed to solicit rides or take riders via street hailing. Therefore it is against Uber’s policy for you to take trips/riders that did not naturally come to you via the app.

For example:

■ You see someone trying to flag down a TAXI, and you approach them and convince them to use Uber instead and ride with you.

■ You exchange personal contact info with riders so they can specifically call you to prearrange rides.

Refusing Service Animals: Some drivers seem to think just because they are not employed by Uber, they can refuse certain pets. There is some truth to this, but it’s important to know the difference.

Yes, a driver does NOT have to let a person with their cute little Poodle or Persian cat ride just because the owner would like it to.

However, if a rider identifies their animal as a service pet, then by law, you must allow the pet to ride.

The law doesn’t care that you are allergic to dogs or terrified of them. Drivers cannot refuse any service animal. If this is something you cannot deal with, you might not want to work in this industry anymore.

Excessive Cancellations: Believe it or not, Big Brother Uber is watching, and for good reasons. If you are a driver who thinks they can pick and choose their rides by canceling on riders – think again. Excessive cancellations on your record will get you deactivated and possibly deactivated forever.

Reckless Driving: One thing you should learn quickly about Uber’s riders is that they will report the good and bad stuff drivers do. If reports come flying in that you are driving like a bat out of hell, you can expect your account to be shut off until you get your act together.

Discrimination: Uber has been slammed in the media pretty recently with claims that drivers cancel on African American riders at a higher rate than any other race. This is not acceptable. If you have a certain class of people you would like to work with; you might not want to be a rideshare driver.

Lost Items: Sometimes, a rider lost item not being returned can get your account waitlisted. If a rider or Uber cannot contact you, you can expect this to happen. Once the issue has been resolved, Uber will re-activate your account.

Wrong Driver: A rider wrote in and said someone else was driving your vehicle – Uber will waitlist you first, but this can lead to permanent deactivation pending the investigation.

Passenger In Vehicle: Drivers cannot let friends or family members ride with them while picking up passengers on the Uber system.

Wrong Vehicle: You were driving a vehicle other than the one that was approved on your account.

Accepting Cash: Update: Drivers are allowed to accept a cash tip. However, make sure you let the rider know that this is separate from the trip’s fare. Some new riders might get confused and think they are paying you for the trip itself, so they are surprised when they get billed by Uber. In this particular case, the rider might write in and say that they paid you cash for the trip. If a rider said they paid you outside of the app, Uber would sometimes put your account on hold if they cannot get a hold of you via phone or you don’t respond back in a timely manner via email. Unethically accepting cash outside the app can get your account indefinitely rejected if Uber gets at least 3 complaints.

Fender Bender: A rider reported you were in a car accident – Uber cannot allow you to remain driving if your vehicle has been damaged in any way. If you deny being in an accident, Uber might request you to take your vehicle by a local office to have them inspect it. If you were in an accident, then you must fill out an Incident Report Form

Mechanical Issues: A rider wrote in and advised that your seat belt didn’t work. Or, maybe your door handle is broken, and they couldn’t exit your vehicle easily, the air conditioner not working, etc., etc. Uber will put your account on hold until the problem is fix.

Pending Application: Another reason could be that you are not yet a driver but may be applied a while ago. After a certain amount of time, Uber will waitlist your account. If you would like to finish the application process, you need to contact them and request the hold to be lifted.

Certainly, there are many reasons your account could be placed on hold. However, these are the most common ones. Please understand that some issues may cause your account to be permanently deactivated upon the results of Uber’s investigation.
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