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Have you ever wondered how to split fare on Uber? Lucky for you, we’re here to share a step-by-step guide on how to do it. With so many features on the Uber app, it’s easy to get bogged down by all of your options, but this is one we know you’ll like. Splitting fares on Uber is an easy way to cut the cost of your ride between you and your friends and can be used no matter where you’re headed.

If you’ve ever been in an Uber with your friends or family and wanted to split the price of your ride—rest assured—there’s a way to do it. To get the best out of your Uber experience, follow this comprehensive guide on how to split fare on Uber.

How to Split Fare on Uber

Splitting your Uber fare is actually easier than you think. Uber has given us the exact steps you need to take to equally split your fare between riders, and we’re ready to share it with you. These are the six steps you will have to make in order to split your fare:

  1. Request an Uber
  2. Once the ride is scheduled, swipe up from the bottom of the app
  3. Tap on your selected payment method
  4. Tap “Split Fare”
  5. Enter the information, including names or phone numbers of other riders
  6. Your fellow riders will receive a notification request to accept the split fare

Paying for Your Uber Ride

In order to take advantage of this split fare feature, all of your fellow riders will have to accept their personal charges before the ride ends. Should a fellow rider not be able to confirm their payment method before the ride is finished, you will be charged for their share of the fare as well as your own.

Because of this, it’s important to communicate with your fellow riders before your trip to confirm that everyone has a valid payment method and is willing to accept the charges. One payment option isn’t better than another, but we recommend you consider the entire ride cost before you ride with friends.

When to Use Split Fare on Uber

The split fare feature is a fantastic option for those of us who are looking to save a little money and split the cost of a ride with friends or family. Creating a ride request is easy, but it’s additional features like these that dramatically improve the overall Uber experience.

While Ubers tend to be fairly affordable, it’s important to create equal opportunity for all riders to save money when possible. One Uber rider may not be able to pay for the whole trip, so this feature allows everyone to pitch in their fair share.

Factors to Consider

Learning how to split fare on Uber is easy, but riders should know all the contributing factors while using this feature. Currently, split fare is unavailable on certain vehicle options and UberPOOL, so riders should consider what ride they’re requesting if they want to take advantage of this option.

Additionally, riders will be required to pay a 25-cent fee when they accept the fare split charges. Fares also cannot be split once the ride is completed, so it’s important that riders request and accept a split fare before the ride is over.

Frequently Asked Questions

A little bit of Uber streetsmarts can go a long way in enriching your overall Uber experience. Luckily, we’ve done the research and answered some of the most common questions when it comes to how to split fare on Uber.

Can You Split Fare with More Than One Fellow Rider?

Absolutely. Uber makes it easy to split your fare with all passengers sharing the same vehicle. However, Uber will only let you split your fare evenly, which could be an issue if one rider is getting off before or after another. Additionally, each additional rider will need to pay the 25-cent fee that comes with the split fare.

When is the Best Time to Use Split Fare on Uber?

If you’re thinking about taking an Uber ride with a few fellow riders, this is the best time to consider using the split fare feature. Creating a split request only takes a few steps and can be taken advantage of no matter your destination. Whether you’re headed to a party, restaurant, airport, or any other kind of engagement, the split fare feature will be there for you.

How to Accept a Split Fare Invitation?

If one of your fellow riders has asked you to contribute to Uber’s fare, they will need your name or email in order to notify you. Once you have been invited, you can expect a pop-up on your smartphone screen to appear. Simply tap on the pop-up and head on over to your Uber app to complete the transaction. If you haven’t used the Uber app before, make sure you input your financial information before the end of the trip, otherwise you won’t be able to contribute to the fare.


Learning how to split fare on Uber is easy; it just takes the few simple steps we have outlined. We also hope this guide has given you the confidence to take advantage of one of Uber’s most outstanding features. No matter where you’re headed or who your fellow riders are, splitting the fare is the best way to create an affordable ride for everyone. If you’d like more reviews and guides, go check out our comprehensive page of Uber features, where you can find everything else you need to know about the services they offer. Community SupportUber BlackHow To Split Fare On UberHave you ever wondered how to split fare on Uber? Lucky for you, we're here to share a step-by-step guide on how to do it. With so many features on the Uber app, it's easy to get bogged down by all of your options, but this is one we...Rideshare Support Community...