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https // / Login /

Driver Topic:  Today we will give you a better understanding of how to gain access to https // / login / the driver dashboard portal.

Only people who should be trying to log-in to this site is either if you are a current driver, ex-driver or in the application driving process. Anyone else would likely fall under as a rider and therefore should be logging into Uber’s rider account side.

Uber Partners Log In: You can easily access your dashboard by going to if you don’t remember your password, please go to

If you would like to apply to Uber, you can do so by going to you already have a rider account, you would log-in with that information. If you do NOT have a rider account, you will need to create an account.https // / login /

Dashboard: Not every Uber driver login will be the same. Your dashboard could have more or less categories than the next driver.

If you is driving under another company or individual, you will not see tax, banking & payment info and vehicle documents.

Background Check: It can take 7-10 business days for BGC to be completed. Some drivers background check has came back under 5 business days so it’s very possible. If you have lived in more than one state it could take longer to come back.

Documents: Make sure you have uploaded all your documents. Driver’s license, insurance & registration. You do not need to be the primary insurance policy holder, but Uber must see your name listed too. Your name does not need to be listed on the vehicle registration. Some cities requires vehicle inspections. If you are in one of those cities you will see that requirement.

Ratings: You can view your rating either via the dashboard or in your app by tapping the rating tab. If you are interested, you can see feedback and comments by going into the feedback tab.

Momentum Rewards: This an Uber tiered loyalty program for drivers. The higher up you are in the tier, the more special discounts and deals you will have access to.

You will need to be an active X, BLACK or EATS driver that have taken at least 1 trip within the previous month. The points you earn in each month is tally all up to determine your tier for the next month. Uber reset the point to zero(0) ever month If you are Gold or Platinum members your points want reset, they are able to keep their points for 2 months (other restrictions may apply). You earn point by taking trips.

Getting Paid: On Mondays, partner statements are posted to for review under the invoices section. It also will come to you via email. Invoice amount does not equal amount shown on dashboard!

Thursday of every week, Uber will attempt to deposit your payment in your bank account. If successful, you should see your money by Friday.

If you are driving under a 3rd party affiliated, Uber is not responsible for your payment so this will not apply to you. You will receive your payment directly from he Fleet partner.

Daily Payout: If you have taken at least 25 trips and been active for 2 weeks, you might qualify to receive daily payments from Uber via their Instant Pay program.

There are some other requirements like you cannot be leasing or renting a vehicle through the Xchange program, etc. Uber will reach out to you and let you know if you are able to signup for this feature. You can always contact customer support directly and inquire about this new program.

Access: Typically, you will always have access to your dashboard regardless if you are an active driver or not. You should still be able to obtain your payment/trips history if needed.

And that is the basic on Uber driver log in.

3rd Party DailyPay: Drivers are now able to get paid daily by signing up here at DailyPay. DailyPay works closely with Uber to pay drivers out within 24 hours for the trips they took the day before.

So instead of waiting to get paid once a week by Friday, you can start receiving daily payments. Contact DailyPay for more information. Unfortunately, the DailyPay program is no longer accepting new drivers.

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