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Driver Question: How To Be A Good Uber Driver?

Answer: Working as a driver for Uber can be a very lucrative job if you know how to be a good driver. Being a good driver basically boils down to you knowing how to follow a GPS, driving at a steady, safe pace, and having great interpersonal skills so you can effectively communicate and provide great customer service to your riders.

Below are a mix of do’s and don’ts. You will see some of the top reasons a rider will leave you a negative feedback and complain bitterly to Uber.

1.Bad Route: You don’t know the streets well or cannot follow your GPS-> For some reason riders think that a driver should know every street and landmark known to man. A rider will leave you a very bad review if you get lost, made them late for something because you got lost, and they had to pay more than expected because you got lost. If the rider writes in about the fare being higher than normal cause you got lost, Uber will adjust the trip to the correct total. Uber can see from their map that you got lost too.

2. Music: It’s always best to ask a rider what they prefer to listen to while in your car. Not every rider will be satisfied with your choice of music.

3. Helping With Bags: If you have a passenger (especially a woman) who has several of bags it would be nice of you to help them load and unload the bags from your car. Typically, uberBLACK car drivers already do this, but other vehicle types should consider.How To Be A Good Uber Driver

4. Returning Lost Items: It’s always a great idea to check your car to make sure the rider has not left anything in your vehicle. This will save you time and money. Because Uber doesn’t compensate you to bring back an item to your rider. Why should they? You and the rider are equally responsible, not Uber.

5. Accepting Cash: You should not ask your rider for cash under any circumstances. If you have a problem with Uber’s app, then contact them directly so they can bill the rider. Uber does not allow drivers to ask riders to pay cash and they will deactivate your account.

6. Asking For Tips: Uber warns drivers that they should NOT ask a rider for a tip. Normally, the rider will complain to Uber about this and leave you a bad rating. If the rider insist on giving you a tip, then that’s different. But never ask.

7. No Dating: Do NOT try to hit on or date a rider. Do not tell them they are cute or handsome. This will likely make them feel uncomfortable. They will contact Uber.

8. Starting The Trip Early: Do not start your trip before the rider gets in your car. You should only start the trip when you and the rider is about to pull off. In other words, do not start billing the rider as you are driving to their location or they are coming out their house. The rider can see it from the app if you do so.

9. Offensive Language: Please do not make negative comments about anyone. Especially, racial and anti gay slurs.

10. Religion and Politics: Do not try to push your religion or politic views on anyone. Actually, you shouldn’t even be talking about this with your riders. ☛ What Would You Do With An Extra $50,000?

11. Side Business: Do not try to sell them on your side hustle. They hate it.

12. Dangerous Driving: You should be able to driver smoothly, efficiently, and at a comfortable speed. Fast, jerky, tailgating other drivers on the road, road rage, etc., riders will leave you a bad rating and contact Uber. You will eventually be deactivated for poor quality.

13. Personal Problems: Riders really don’t care how horrible your day been or your relationship problems. Also they don’t want to hear you talking negative about driving for Uber or Uber as a company. Riders will write in and tell Uber that you are out there bashing the company. Expect to get an email from Uber on this and possibly deactivated.

14. Stealing Riders: Do not try to steal Uber’s riders by asking them to contact you outside of the app if they need a ride. This might work in your favor for a minute, but soon as there is a problem, the rider is going to contact Uber.

15. Refreshments: A lot of uberBLACK drivers offer some kind of mint, gum, etc., to their riders. This is a great idea for all drivers! You can get some cheap mints or candy from your local dollar store.

16. Temperature & Cleanliness: Ask your riders are they comfortable with the heat or air conditioning level. Adjust it if necessary. Make sure your vehicle is clean on the inside and out.

17. Asking For A Rating: You should not ask a rider to rate you. Riders hate this and so do Uber. They will rate you poorly.

18. Gas: You should have enough gas before you start picking up riders or get gas in between riders. You should not have to stop and get gas while you have passengers in your car.

19. Smoke: If you are a smoker, you should not be smoking while there is a rider in your car. You shouldn’t even be smoking in your car prior to picking up riders.

20. Friends Riding Along: You should not have friends or family riding with you during trips. This is against Uber’s policy and riders will complain. If you feel unsafe driving alone, then maybe being a driver is not the right profession for you.

We hope this list was a bit helpful. Uber is a real laid back company for the most part, however, some stuff will get your account deactivated on the first offense while other issues will be just a warning. Being a good Uber driver is not hard to do, just treat people like you would want to be treated. And provide quality service as you would expect if you were the rider. Here’s a great video below on how to be a 5 Star Driver. Community SupportDriver SupportUber OtherHow To Be A Good Uber DriverDriver Question: How To Be A Good Uber Driver? // Answer: Working as a driver for Uber can be a very lucrative job if you know how to be a good driver. Being a good driver basically boils down to you knowing how to follow a GPS, driving at a...Rideshare Support Community...