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Driver Question: How Does An Uber Driver Cancel a Trip?

Answer: Uber drivers can easily cancel a trip. To do so, tap “info”, then tap “cancel trip”, then, choose from the list of reasons given. For example; “Rider no show” or “Wrong address shown”, etc.If you have waited more than five minutes at the pickup location, and called the rider with no response, you can cancel. When you accept a trip, you should always try to complete the trip.  However, if something comes up, you can cancel using the option “Do not charge rider”.Getting Paid For Cancelled RidesIf you are an Uber driver, it must be pretty annoying when a rider cancelled the ride a few minutes after booking it. The good thing is that in most cites, the Uber driver will get compensated a cancellation fee either $5.00 or $10.00 depending on their city’s policy.

Here’s When The Fee Will Apply

1. He or she cancels the ride five minutes after booking it.

2. You have arrived at the pickup spot after pressing the ‘arrival’ button, but even after 5 minutes, the rider doesn’t arrive. In this case, you will cancel the trip and select “rider no show”.

Arrive On Time

However, you must arrive on time in order to be compensated the cancellation fee. If you are late by more than 5 minutes of your expected arrival time, then the rider can cancel the ride, without paying any charges.

Identifying Your Rider

Apart from that, if you do successfully get to the rider. You need to make sure that you are picking up the right customer. Asking their name before allowing them inside is a good idea and make sure it matches what is showing in the app. If they give you a different name then ask them to confirm the first name on their Uber account. Also, make sure, that you ‘ start’ the ride, only after the rider is inside.

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