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Community Question: How Did Uber Scale?

Uber has been able to scale and dominate due to their on-demand ride booking, GPS and mapping smart mobile technology and $8.71B in equity funding from 75 investors.

How Did Uber Start Fast Facts:

■ Winter 2008 Travis Kalanick & Garrett Camp was in Paris at the LeWeb conference when the idea of fixing the taxi problem in San Francisco was talked about.

■ Uber was originally created by Garrett Camp. Camp is the one who initially brought up the idea.

■ March of 2009 Garrett started prototyping the rideshare app.

■ By summer of 2009 Garrett hired Travis Kalanick as Uber’s Chief Incubator. He was to run the company temporarily, find a General manager and help finish the prototype.

■ January 2010 was the first test run in New York. There was 3 Uber cars on the road and only a few people testing the app which were all friends and colleagues of Garrett and Travis.

■ Travis was successful at finding a General Manager as he went on to hire Ryan Graves a former General Electric employee.

■ Uber launched in San Francisco on May 31st, 2010.

Today Garrett is Uber’s chairman with a net worth of 6.3 billion.

Travis is CEO worth 6.3 billion too.

Ryan is SVP Global Operations and a Board Director for Uber and net worth is about 1.58 billion.

Ahead of The Competitions

Uber has been one of the biggest recent success in commerce leaving its competitors far behind. The brand, the image, driver and car experience and funding have been almost perfect with a few matches for its whole experience that it provides.

Uber is also cheaper than regular taxis in most countries and offers customers safety and security. Uber has funded more capital in its investment which means more drivers and cars for passengers. While Uber has not yet won the battle globally, but in the US it is a huge success.

Compared to Lyft which was dominating the market for quite some time, Uber has managed to outrun all that and has emerged as one of the main options for providing safe transport and commuting. There are a lot of factors behind Uber’s success, not to forget their innovative marketing policy and benefit to both drivers and passengers.

Why People Love Uber

Uber has managed to provide one great benefit for riders. They have solved the problem of getting cabs easily through their fast and efficient mobile application and text messaging services. Customers can instantly book their private driver from their mobile devices and can also track the location of the car.

They have managed to provide a clean and efficient cab-like riding experience. They have also allowed different modes of payment like cash in some cities, Paypal, Apple Wallet and credit/debit cards. Passengers can pay instantly within the cab from their cards. The pricing of Uber is reasonable and provide quality experiences.

Drivers Love Uber Too

The company is also benefiting drivers as they help to provide jobs to unemployed people. The drivers are not employees of Uber. Rather, they get connected with the passengers directly to a geographical area.

Uber has also taken advantage of technology by operating initially in the San Francisco area where people had difficulty getting cab rides. The area had a lot of techies who were used to dealing with apps on their phones and adopted the system as soon as it launched. Now Uber is in more than 500 cities across the world.

Uber also makes sure to warn passengers before there arises a surge in prices. It has also options for ride sharing where two different passengers are traveling to the same location and can divide the fare among themselves. The ease of access of its app is also one major reason behind its success. Community SupportBusinessHow Did Uber Start,How Uber ScaleCommunity Question: How Did Uber Scale?(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({});Today Garrett is Uber's chairman with a net worth of 6.3 billion.Travis is CEO worth 6.3 billion too.Ryan is SVP Global Operations and a Board Director for Uber and net worth is about 1.58 billion.Ahead of The CompetitionsUber has been one...Rideshare Support Community...