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If you’ve ever been in an Uber, you may have asked—does Uber do round trips? Not only is the answer an astounding yes, but Uber allows riders to make five total stops en route to their final destination. Using multiple stops, Uber makes it easy to pick up and drop off your friends or family without missing a beat.

For someone who has never ridden in an Uber before, this can all seem confusing, but we’re here to help. Uber has a dedicated feature that allows multiple stops within their app; it just takes a little know-how in order to use it—and saving you time and money by avoiding the pain of having to order separate Ubers for each stop.

Does Uber Do Round Trips?

Thankfully, the Uber app makes it super easy to add extra stops to your trip. Simply tap the “where to” box then press the “+” icon to add more stops. It’s important to note that Uber will only allow you to make a total of five total stops. If you need a stop removed, just tap the “X” next to the destination of choice.

Uber also requests that you only stop at each location for no more than three minutes, or else your driver has the right to cancel your trip or tack on additional fees or charges. For this reason, it’s important to consider why you’re making stops and if there’s potential that you’ll be at any location for longer than the allotted time.

Should you need to spend more than three minutes at one stop, you may end your trip and request a new ride once you’re ready to go again. Of course, Uber drivers are not obliged to wait for you, but no harm in politely asking if they might consider doing so.

How to Add Stops During Your Trip?

If you forget to add additional stops before getting in your Uber—don’t worry—Uber has made it easy to request new destinations and delete unwanted ones, even when you’re already driving. While you’re in the car, tap the “add or change” icon in order to add a stop or make your Uber ride a round trip.

Unfortunately, if you have already gotten out of the car and your trip has ended, you’re going to have to create a new ride request. So, once again, does Uber do round trips? The answer is still yes; you just need to make sure you have put in your destinations before your trip is over and that your stop doesn’t take longer than three minutes (unless your driver agrees to wait).

How Much Do Uber Trips Cost?

Thankfully, there are no extra fees associated with adding extra stops to your current trip. Your cost is simply calculated by your requested ride type and Uber rates for your given area. Should those stops require detours that add additional distance to the overall ride, you can expect the charges to reflect that. That said, if you’re looking for a round trip ride, you should expect to pay more for the longer trip.

Uber charges by the mile and the minute, so the longer you’re driving and sitting in the car, the more your fare will cost. Here is where planning multiple stops can actually help you save money though. By putting your stops in a single trip you won’t have to pay for multiple booking fees. If you were to cancel your trip after your first stop and request another, you would have to pay both booking fees.

Now, Uber does have a considerable cancelation fee of $5-$10 depending on your requested ride type. This is why it’s important to keep your time at stops under three minutes—so your Uber driver doesn’t have to cancel your return trip. Ubers are also known to adopt surge pricing when you’re in a high-demand area, so that’s something to keep your eye on as well.

Frequently asked questions

Can I Split Fares?

Yes! Even when you’re using the multiple stops feature, you’ll be able to share your fare with whomever else is in the car with you. However, your fare will be split directly down the middle, which means it may not work itself out if one rider is jumping off earlier than another. Still, splitting the fare is a great trip option for anyone looking to get the most out of their Uber trip.

Can I Use Uber Promo Codes on a Round Trip Ride?

The number of stops you take does not inhibit your ability to use your promo codes. If your promo is designed for a one-stop trip, you will only be able to use it on a normal trip—but that doesn’t mean there are no other promo code options out there for your needs. We love Uber promo codes and think our readers should use them whenever possible.

Does a Competitor Like Lyft Do Round Trips?

They do, and you’ll be able to add additional stops just like an Uber ride. However, Lyft does charge for extra stops and has the right to cancel your trip should you take more than three minutes at any stop. Due to the additional expenses of adding trips during your Lyft ride, we recommend sticking to Uber for round trips.

Can I Pick Up Groceries or Another Person on a Round Trip?

Absolutely. So long as you stay within the three-minute wait time at any stop, you’re welcome to pick up or drop off anything you like. It’s important to make sure you check in with your Uber driver to ensure there’s space for the additional passengers or items being picked up. Should you need help picking up items, and your driver is able to help you, make sure you give your Uber driver a big tip.


If you’ve ever wondered—does Uber do round trips? Now you know that the answer is yes. No matter your Uber, you should be able to make a total of five stops along your trip. Making additional stops is great if you need to drop off or pick up additional passengers, groceries, or anything else. Uber has made this feature easier to use than ever, and we recommend taking advantage of it when possible. Community SupportUber Blackdoes uber do round tripsIf you've ever been in an Uber, you may have asked—does Uber do round trips? Not only is the answer an astounding yes, but Uber allows riders to make five total stops en route to their final destination. Using multiple stops, Uber makes it easy to pick up and...Rideshare Support Community...