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Driver Question: What Documents Are Needed For Uber?

Answer: Different cities have different requirements. For example; in New York all drivers must have their TLC license and FH1 insurance certificate. While in Houston, all you need is your driver’s license, registration and insurance.

On the very basic, you will only need a valid driver’s license, vehicle registration and personal insurance when applying to drive for the standard uberX service. UberBLACK drivers will be required to have commercial insurance and their limo license.

Some cities will also require you to have an annual vehicle inspections in order to remain on the Uber system. This doc will need to be submitted before being approved to drive (only if it’s a requirement).

Document Requirements

Driver’s License: Your driver’s license must show at least 1 year of USA driving experience if you are 23 years of age or older. If you are under 23, your license must show at least 3 years. This means that your issue date must be greater than 1 or 3 years depending on your age.

For example; you applied to drive for Uber on 2/1/2017, you are 21 years of age and you uploaded your document that has an issue date of 11/12/2015. This is less than the 3 year requirement so you will not be approved.

Or. You applied on 2/1/2017 and you are 23 years of age, but your DL shows an issue date of 11/12/2016. This is less than the 1 year requirement so you will not be approved.

Sometimes your license will not accurately reflect your entire driving experience in the USA. Especially, if you have recently renewed your license or something. In a case like this, all you need to do is go down to your local DMV and get a copy of your driving history. Uber will accept this document and as long as you meet the year requirement, this document will be approve.

Registration: The vehicle you will be driving do not have to be registered in your name. As long as the registration is not expired and matches the vehicle, you are good on this.

Insurance: You do not have to be the primary policy holder, however, you must be listed on the policy as an insured driver.

Uploading Your Documents

Once you have gathered all your docs, you need to upload your documents before you are approved to drive on the Uber platform. And in order to stay active, you are required to keep your documents up to date after you have joined.

When managing the documents on your account there are a few important things to keep in mind.

One. You can upload and manage your documents through a number of methods – a computer, tablet or smartphone. All you need is access to the internet and your documents. However, in some cities you will need to manually input your information about your document before you can submit.

Two. If you do not accurately upload or fill out the information, your document(s) will not be successfully reviewed and approved. Therefore there will be a delay getting on the road.

Three. Every photo you upload needs to be clearly legible image of the original document. If the photo of the document is too dark or blurry to read or the entire document is not included in the photo, the your document will be rejected and you’ll need to take a better image and upload it again.

Smartphone vs Desktop Upload Steps

You can upload your driver’s license through your smartphone or by visiting your partners dashboard.

When you get to the document upload section during the signup process via your smart device, Uber will ask you to take a picture of your driver’s license, you will want to select take photo if you have already taken a photo of your license. Then select ‘Choose existing photo’ to upload into the system.

If you haven’t taken a photo of your driver’s license yet. You will want to select ‘Take photo’, this will open up your camera. Make sure to allow your browser access to your camera so you can upload the

Next take your photo if your photo is legible and good quality where you can see all the letters and numbers on the license – select ‘Use photo’ or select ‘Retake’ until the photo is clearly legible and includes all four corners.

When your image is all good, go ahead and upload your photo and Uber’s document team will let you know if it has been a success or if something went wrong and you will need to retake the photo.

After you have uploaded your first document, you will then be asked to repeat this process for the other documents that your city requires. After you upload all your documents your profile will be reviewed to make sure that your vehicle documents and background check match the requirements for your city.

Desktop or Laptop:
If you are planning on signing up to drive with Uber from the comfort of your desktop or laptop
you will need to follow these steps first take a clear photo of your document using your phone or tablet before you send the photo to your email address.

Make sure the photo is clear and all the numbers and letters on the document are legible. After you have checked your image it’s time to email the photo to your personal email address from your phone or tablet.

Once you have sent to the image, log into your email account from your computer, open the email and download the photo to your desktop or laptop when you are in the document upload section of the signup process.

Select browse, find your photo from your desktop, select it and click open. It will then be automatically uploaded. After you upload your document you will briefly see a success check-mark notifying you that your upload was successful. (This is not an approval. Just letting you know the document uploaded correctly.)

You will then be asked to upload the next document that your city requires.

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