Last Updated on February 8, 2018 by Rideshare Community Support

Question: Can You Pay Uber In Cash?

Answer: Cash is an option in ONLY some cities, but not them all at this time. If you are in one of those cities that allows a rider to pay with cash this option will be among the payment options via the app. If this option is available, you will simply select cash and you are all set to pay your driver with cash.

Note that you should never pay your driver cash if it is NOT an option in your app. If you pay your driver upfront without it being a feature in your city, you will also be billed by the Uber app automatically. So to avoid being charged twice please check your app prior to your trip ending to make sure this feature is available.

If your city do not accept cash, Uber will be a cashless experience for you. Meaning at the end of a ride or trip, the fare is automatically processed by the app and billed against the credit card or selected payment method on your account.


Paying with cash is safe, reliable, simple and straightforward. At the end of the trip, just go to the Uber app, select the “payment” menu, and then choose the “cash” option, and finally, pay the amount shown directly to the driver.

If the option is not in the app to pay with money, your fare will be billed on your credit card or preferred payment method you have on file.

Soon we believe Uber will incorporate the cash option in every city (whether you are a teenager, student, working adult, senior or disabled citizen) it’s great to have the freedom to pay with something else other than a credit card. Freedom of choice is a stunning experience, so to settle your fares using cash will be awesome. Community SupportRider PaymentDo i pay the uber driver cash,Pay uber cash usa,Pay uber driver in cash,Uber pay cash optionQuestion: Can You Pay Uber In Cash? (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({});Rideshare Support Community...