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Question: Are Uber Cars Marked?

Answer: Not all Uber cars on the road will be marked with the ‘U’ sign logo. Each city has their own set of requirements. Some cities have to comply with local regulations and therefore those drivers must display the Uber decal on their vehicle at all times while driving on the Uber platform.

Identifying Your Driver

For security purposes it is important to identify an Uber driver before getting into the car. Once you request for a ride, Uber sends a notification to all nearby drivers in your area. Uber will then pair you up with the closet driver and they will begin their journey to you.

Usually, you are connected to a driver within seconds, then the app will share information about the driver and the vehicle that is headed to your designated location.

All you need to do is tap the section that has your incoming driver’s photo, name and vehicle. You will get to see the visual appearance of the driver and the type of vehicle they are driving.

Once the driver arrives to your location, confirm the license plate number and ensure you get a good glimpse of the driver. The driver also has your picture and name so they should be able to identify you and call you by name. If everything checks out, you can comfortably get into the car.


Some Uber cars will be marked with the ‘U’ sign placed in their window(s). However, you may not see this in every city. Sometimes Uber cars are not easy to spot like a taxi cab. Therefore it’s imperative that you match your driver and their car against the information you see within the app. Community SupportRider SupportUber Marked CarsQuestion: Are Uber Cars Marked? (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({});Rideshare Support Community...