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Most drivers would like their car to last a very long time since automobiles, in general, are relatively expensive. Often drivers will ask about Uber covering the wear and tear of their vehicle, and the answer to that is very straight forward – no!Uber Wear and Tear on a car

Since drivers are independent business owners only leasing the Uber app, they are responsible for their own vehicle and overall expenses and keeping up with their mileage.

The good thing is that most of those expenses are tax deductible!

One thing Uber does cover is cleaning fees. Messes done by riders are reimbursable. You must have photos of the mess or damage made by the rider(s) and submit a claim for reimbursement.

You can get paid $25-$200 on top of the initial fare. Uber does not take their fee out of this.

After a driver finds out that Uber will not cover their vehicle’s maintenance and whatnot, they then question weather or not they can afford to driver for the rideshare company after fees and expenses.

This is something to think about…

Honestly, you cannot accurately calculate how much you will make; some drivers are earning more while others are doing less. It all comes down to how many trips you can pull-off in an hour. That is why a lot of drivers have preferred times and days they are online.

It’s also important to note that larger metropolitan cites can be a gold mine for even the newbie drivers.

Please understand that not all drivers will net the same amount. The veteran drivers may earn more per hour and know how to manage their overall expenses more precisely.

Below are some responses from drivers regarding their earnings, then we will jump right into ways to minimize wear and tear.How Much Can Uber Drivers Make - Wear and Tear

Uber Wear and Tear Upkeep Tips
There are many things that you can be doing that will help your car get a longer lifespan while driving for Uber.

When you purchase your first car, it comes with a certain amount of pride; it becomes your ‘baby’ to look after. A car can be an expensive purchase; it should, therefore, be looked after if you want it to retain its value.

A car cannot take care of itself; it is a lot of hard-work, but worth it at the end of the day.

Here are a few tips on how to take care of your car, and this does not mean a simple wash every month or two, it is an extensive list on what your vehicle requires to last a long time and reduce the wear and tear on your vehicle.Uber Wear and Tear - Oil Change

Engine Care

The first thing that you need to do is to drive differently. This means driving in a way that is not so hard on your engine, and that will help it to last longer. Read up on hypermiling techniques.

These are ways of saving fuel but at the same time, these practices will help you save the engine.

It is a type of driving that is less aggressive and does not use as much acceleration as you normally would. You also are not riding on the brakes slowing down when you don’t have to be.


Be sure to get your fluids in your car changed out according to the schedule recommended by vehicle manufacturers.

This is especially important with the oil in your car. Do not make the mistake of waiting too long even if you are not driving as much. These simple habits will help your vehicle in the long run.

Tune Up

Be sure to get your car looked at about once a year for a general tune up. Many little things can be fixed that can help you prevent major problems shortly. This also can help you save money on any repairs.

Effective Storing Your Vehicle

Cars that are parked away in a garage when not in use typically will last much longer than cars that are exposed to more severe conditions. If you do have a garage, try to move things out of the way so that you can park your car in there.

Proper Maintenance

Along with taking their vehicles to professionals when big issues arise, people should also ensure that they are keeping up with regular maintenance.

There may not be anything particularly wrong with the vehicle, but that doesn’t mean that extra attention shouldn’t be given on a regular basis.

For instance, people should make sure that they get their oil changed either every 3,000 miles, or they can refer to the car manual that came with their vehicle. Refusing to do something as small as getting a routine oil change could diminish the life of an automobile.

After all, this depends if your car goes in for a professional maintenance check every year or if you are the one doing all the checks and outsourcing.

Apparently, if you get a professional to do it for you they will find a whole of little things that is wrong with the car, sometimes a little unnecessary, and you will end up spending more money than expected.

By doing it yourself and knowing what to look for you can save a lot of money and time. For example, make sure to check the ABS sensor, fuel filter and PCV valve.

The most important thing is that regular maintenance will prevent bigger problems in the future.

The Exterior

Not only are there things people can do to keep the vehicle running longer, but there are also things they can do to keep the exterior lasting longer as well.

One of the things they can do is purchase a cover for their car. This is particularly the case for those who live in areas that are prone to bad weather and do not have an enclosed garage. The cover will help to keep the exterior of the car looking pristine for much longer than expected.

Something that many people forget about is looking after your windshield wipers; this little essential item also needs to be replaced quite often. This can also depend on the type of weather you are driving in on a daily basis.

For example, snow can wear the windshield wipers quicker.

A great tip is to put a windshield cleaner inside the water so that it cleans the windows properly while on the road. If you see that the wiper is making a noise and leaving marks behind, it is probably time to replace it.

Avoid storing your automobile in a dirty environment, especially inside a garage that is drafty as well. Drafts can blow particles of dust and dirt underneath your vehicle, allowing it to catch under a cover.

Trapped particles can cause damage to the paint. Always take the time to clean the area you plan to use for storage.

Many automobile owners are not entirely aware of how small bits of dust and dirt can harm their car. Learning more about car covers and the many options you have for choosing one is necessary for protecting the money you have in a vehicle.

Taking care of your investment is required to get your money back if you decide to sell it.Uber Wear and Tear - Cleaning Interior

Looking After The Interiors

Clean stains straight away, whether it is cold drink, oil or ice-cream make sure to clean the mess with a natural soap with very few chemicals in, a pH of 7 is ideal.

The best thing to use is a solution made for your cars specific material; let the solvent do all the work of bringing up the dirt before you scrub the stain – always complete the job with warm water.

Drive With Caution

Watch what you are doing while driving. This not only helps you avoid accidents but prevents you from hitting things in the road or potholes that can mess up your car. Community SupportDriver SupportUber Wear and Tear On CarDriver Concern: ☀Uber Wear and Tear On Car☀// Page Content:Reviews on Wear & Tear Engine CareEngine Care Tune UpCar Fluids Storing Your VehicleInteriors ExteriorMost drivers would like their car to last a very long time since automobiles, in general, are relatively expensive. Often drivers will ask about Uber covering the wear and...Rideshare Support Community...