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Uber Toronto How Does It Work?

By Rideshare Community Support / Published on Sunday, 11 Sep 2016 05:31 AM / Comments Off on Uber Toronto How Does It Work? / 370 views

Community Topic: Explaining|Uber Toronto How Does It Work

Uber Toronto Manager: Ian Black
Address: 312 Adelaide St W 2nd Floor, Toronto, ON M5V 1R2, Canada
City Launched Date: March 2012
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Average Wait Time: 5 minutes

Uber is an on-demand car service that makes it possible for you to request personal drivers via iPhone, Android and some Blackberry devices. The app utilizes dispatch technology that is able to send the closest driver to your requested location.uber-toronto-how-does-it-work

Don’t be fooled, this is not your everyday average TAXI cab service. Uber will send you a private driver in a vehicle like Toyota Camry, Honda, Ford Explore,etc.

And if you are lucky enough to be in an area that has premium service like UberBLACK, then you can request an all black high-end vehicle like a BMW to come and pick you up.

There is no need to have cash on-hand because all your trips are billed directly to your payment method you have on file.

This past March marked Uber’s 4th year in the major Canadian city Toronto. From the support of over 15,000 drivers, Uber has successfully taken over 16 million rides thus far.

In Toronto there’s plenty of things to do and see; and Uber makes it effortless to get around the city.

Whether or not you’re headed to the airport, work, or a night out with your friends, Uber can connect you with a reliable, safe experience — from inexpensive uberX and uberXL to top notch UberBLACK and UberSELECT — in just minutes.

With the tap of a finger, you can have a vehicle come directly to your location. As long as you enter the correct pick-up address, your Uber driver knows exactly where to find you.

Please see the chart below to make sure you do not overcrowd your Uber, which can result in extra charges.

Uber Vehicle Passenger Limits

uberX4 Riders max
uberXL6 Riders max
uberBLACK4 Riders max
uberSUV6 Riders max
TAXI4 Riders max
SELECT4 Riders max
uberWAV4 Riders max
uberASSIST`4 Riders max

Uber Pricing For Toronto

(prices can change at anytime)

Low Cost Standard Vehicle
Base Fare CA$2.50
+Per Minute CA$0.18
+Per KM CA$0.81
Booking Fee CA$2.50
Minimum Fare CA$5.00
Cancellation Fee CA$5.00
High-End Sedan
Base Fare CA$8.00
+Per Minute CA$0.50
+Per KM CA$2.70
Minimum Fare CA$15.00
Cancellation Fee CA$10.00
Low Cost Larger Vehicle
Base Fare CA$5.00
+Per Minute CA$0.35
+Per KM CA$1.55
Booking Fee CA$2.50
Minimum Fare CA$7.50
Cancellation Fee CA$5.00
High-End SUV
Base Fare CA$15.00
+Per Minute CA$0.60
+Per KM CA$2.80
Minimum Fare CA$25.00
Cancellation Fee CA$10.00
Affordable Luxury
Base Fare CA$5.00
+Per Minute CA$0.35
+Per KM CA$1.80
Booking Fee CA$2.50
Minimum Fare CA$7.50
Cancellation Fee CA$5.00
Cars are wheelchairs accessible
Base Fare CA$2.50
+Per Minute CA$0.18
+Per KM CA$0.81
Booking Fee CA$2.50
Minimum Fare CA$5.00
Cancellation Fee CA$5.00

Note: If you cancel within 5 minutes, you will not get a cancellation charge.

With a tap of a button, you can get a ride. When you’re all prepared to go, set your pickup address and hit request. You can also get a fare estimate via the app so you can get an idea of the cost by tapping ‘Fare Estimate‘.

Choose the type of car type you want ->set your location or venue-> get a fare estimate if you would like.

ETA – The app will give you an Estimated Time of Arrival. If the ETA doesn’t fit your needs, we recommend that you do not request the ride and find an alternative transportation option. If you do proceed with requesting your ride, you will be able to see your driver on the map en route to you.

No need to provide directions unless you are in a less than familiar area and you think it will be beneficial to the driver if you do so. After all, GPSs will never be 100% prefect.uber-in-toronto-canada

Uber is Always Available – No telephone calls to make, no prearranging pick-ups to plan. With the app being strictly on-demand, you can request a driver all year around. But it’s best practice to check the app to get an idea of what the ETA is.

That way you can request your Uber just in the right time that will fit your needs. If you have to be at an appointment at 8:00 in the morning and it takes about 25 minutes to get there it would be wise to request your Uber as early as 7:00 AM.

Even earlier if your city has heavy traffic or road constructions going on that could cause a delay.

When You Rate your Driver, Uber listen – It’s important that you leave a star rating and give feedback about your ride. This information helps Uber make each ride a 5-star experience.

Check Driver Information – Before your driver arrives, you’ll see their name, photo, car make and model, and tag number—so you know you’re bouncing in the right direction when they arrive.

Fare Splitting – This will help cut off those freeloading, IOUs type of friends. You and friends easy split the cost of your trip, they must have an active Uber account too. You can share the cost by selecting ‘Split Fare’.

Share Your Estimated Time of Arrival – This is a great feature for couples or parents who would like to follow their loved ones route. All the rider needs to do is send a text via he app with the link to their trip.

Driving for Uber in Canada

The initial phase in the process is starting the application process by singing up. All you need is your name, telephone number, email and the city you would like to drive Uber in at this time.


– Must be no less than 21 years of age

– Hold a full G drivers license

– Car from 2006 or newer in great condition, has 4 doors (5 safety belts). Cannot be rebuilt or salvaged.

– No criminal record and a decently, good driving record (2 or less minor infractions amid the most recent 3 years and no real, major infractions)

– Capacity to work in Canada

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