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Uber The Fare Has Expired, Please Try Again

By Rideshare Community Support / Published on Sunday, 17 Apr 2016 17:59 PM / Comments Off on Uber The Fare Has Expired, Please Try Again / 3615 views

Driver Issue: Uber The Fare Has Expired, Please Try Again

We’re happy to explain how a trip requests works with the Uber app! When the app receives a trip request from a rider, a trip request is then sent to the closet available driver. That driver has approximately 15 secoUber The Fare Has Expired Please Try Againnds to either accept or decline the trip request, at which point the request is sent to the second-closest available driver, and so on. If you have waited too long, then you might receive this error. Also this error will appear when a rider cancel their trip request within those 15 seconds.

Therefore, there’s nothing you have did wrong here.

Either you took too long to accept the request or the rider has cancelled the request. It’s very rare that you are having issues with your device, however, you could always try rebooting your phone by shutting it completely off for a few seconds. A good power cycle normally most issues.

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