Issue: Uber Rider Left Phone In Car

Answer: It’s such a pain when a rider leave an item behind in a driver’s car. But, the number one item that is left in an Uber is a cell phone with wallet taking the number two spot.

So how do you handle this? Well, more than likely the rider is going to call you immediately sometime after the ride has ended on your Uber phone number. If they cannot reach you, they will leave a message. If you have not heard from the rider, then you should contact Uber and let them know you found their phone.

Uber will reach out to the rider and ask them to contact you on your Uber number. However, it’s best to give Uber permission to give the rider your real number because sometimes the Uber number can be hit or miss when it comes to handling this type of business.Uber Rider Left Phone In Car

Although a lot of drivers don’t mind giving out their personal number to help return a lost item some drivers are not so willing. That is why all drivers should sign-up for a free Google Voice number to mask their real number. This means whenever a rider calls your Google number it will ring through to your cell phone. With Google Voice there’s also a way to place outbound calls, text and setup a voicemail. If you have a Gmail account, you can sign-up for Google Voice. This is surely something every driver should look into.

Anyway, the problem with returning lost items sometimes is that the driver might have drove too far out to return it back right a way. In a case like this, the driver should let the rider know and they can ask the rider to meet them halfway somewhere. Some riders will be fine with this because they want their phone back asap. But, there will always be a few of them who think that you are supposed to drive all the way back to them. You do not have to. Nor will or can Uber make you. The rider and driver is equally responsible here. The rider should be more responsible for their belongings and drivers should be quickly checking the vehicle after each ride.

Below are some ways the veteran Uber drivers return lost items:

Request the rider to meet you halfway

❷ Offer to bring it back later when you are in the area (not too much later, then Uber will get involved)

Take it to a local Partner Service Center if there is one in your area that accepts lost items

Drop it off at a local police precinct

Offer to mail it back to them

Whatever option you choose, we think it’s a great idea to contact Uber and ask them to make a note on your profile that you will be returning the item by mail, etc. Just make sure you follow through with what you say. Uber do not have a policy on returning lost items, they expect their drivers to figure this out.

If Uber ever contact you about a lost item make sure you respond back to them even if the item has been returned. They can put a temporary hold on your account until they hear from you.

Remember you do not get paid for returning lost items! At one time, for certain cities, Uber did offer a $10 incentive for the return of lost items. This is no longer available to anyone. You also shouldn’t ask your rider for money in return of their phone because most riders will run back and tell Uber you are holding their phone hostage. This is frown upon at Uber and can possibly cause your account to be temporarily deactivated. But, if the rider offer you cash then by all do mean you can accept.

Tip: After each ride you should survey your vehicle. Here’s what you are looking for.

Lost items so you can return it immediately before going too far out
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