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Uber Promo Code 2015

By Rideshare Community Support / Published on Saturday, 30 May 2015 03:50 AM / Comments Off on Uber Promo Code 2015 / 1152 views

Community Question: Uber Promotional Codes 2015

So you have decided to give ole Uber a try for the first time and you want a FREE ride (don’t we all?) or maybe you are looking for an Uber promo code for existing users 2015. Either way, we understand exactly where you are coming from.:)

If you are a new user, you are surely in luck – you can ride FREE up to $30 if you apply Uber $30 promo code RIDIN30. Valid for the US only.

If you are looking for Uber promos for existing users, you should check out how to earn more free rides here. Alternately, you can visit your Uber city blog here and check to see if there’s any current promotions in your specific city. Normally Uber always have something going on. But honestly the best way to get more rides faster is by referring your friends and family!

Do not go entering promo codes off any random website and assuming it’s valid only to find yourself paying for the trip afterwards. And do not go setting up new accounts thinking you can trick the system. Trust me you will eventually get caught and be banned for life from Uber.

Update Nov 2015: If Ridin30 doesn’t no longer work, you should use the most recent code Feeling22.

Update 2016: Promo code is still Feeling22

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