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Uber Phone Won’t Charge!

By Rideshare Community Support / Published on Friday, 25 Mar 2016 06:25 AM / Comments Off on Uber Phone Won’t Charge! / 759 views

Driver Issue: Today we will discuss why Uber Phone Won’t Charge

Community Response: Please see the four common solution for your phone not charging:

1. Ensure that the lightening bolt shows up next to the battery icon on your iPhone when it’s plugged into the power source. If you don’t see the lightening bolt, make sure that the cord is correctly plugged into the power outlet.Uber Phone Won't Charge

2. Keep the phone charged the entire time, not when the power runs low. Uber Driver App is GPS-based, which uses up a lot of power.

3. Check your cable and or wall adapter to make sure it’s not the reason for the phone not charging. If there is a problem with the accessories, you can contact Uber to see if it can be exchanged.

4. Lastly, it could be a simple software issue. Therefore let’s try doing a hard reset. In order to do this, you must [hold down the power button and home button at the same time for at least 30 seconds]. The Apple logo should pop up and your device will reboot itself.

If none of those steps resolved your issue, please don’t hesitate to reach out to customer support at for further assistance or stop by your nearest Uber office and inquire about a possible phone swipe/exchange.

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