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Uber Not Getting Ride Requests| Best Hours To Drive

By Rideshare Community Support / Published on Sunday, 17 Apr 2016 18:44 PM / Comments Off on Uber Not Getting Ride Requests| Best Hours To Drive / 957 views

Driver Concerns: Not Getting Ride Requests| Best Hours To Drive?

We are sorry to hear that you’re having  some issues receiving trip requests. You can always contact support and have them double-check your account, and make sure everything looks good. Uber Not Getting Ride Requests| Best Hours To Drive

Popular Driving Spots: But also keep in mind that there are certain times and areas in some cities that will be busier than others. If you are having trouble finding trips, we suggest heading to popular areas (i.e. downtown) at high-demand times (rush hour, weekend nights, etc.).

Best Hours To Drive: During the week, typically the best times to sign on are 6:30-9:30am and 5-7pm for the morning and evening rush hours. Demand is especially high during these times when the weather is cold or wet. People want to avoid the weather, so they use Uber!

Weekend Coverage: During the weekends, best times to sign on are Friday, 7pm-1am and Saturday, 6pm-2:30am. If you are in the downtown area during these times, you have a good chance of getting a fare. Also, watch your map on your driver app and it will tell you when and where we are surging, which means more money for you!

Plan Ahead: Another great idea is to plan your Uber waiting area ahead of time. Use sites like to determine what’s going on in your city for the upcoming week/end. This will allow you to work in those areas during that particular busy time, which could differ from the normal time frame that we call “busy.” There could be a huge conference at a Marriott across town that could be very lucrative for you if you are in that area working. Not all events may be worth your time or effort. This would all depend on the size of the event and how far out the way it is. So do a little research if the event is not one that you have ever heard of.

Hospitals Hot Spots: Believe it or not, but hanging around main hospitals in your city could get you many requests coming in. Especially, around lunch time or when they are changing shifts and some employees are looking for a ride home. 

Phone Issues: Sometimes we have seen where drivers are not getting any trip requests because their phone is not picking up well and getting a good signal. In this case, you might experience some problems with requests coming in. We recommend power cycling your device by cutting it off for a few seconds. You will be surprise how well this will help your phone perform better.

We hope this information helps and you start receiving lots of trip requests.

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