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Uber Miscellaneous Fee Items

By Rideshare Community Support / Published on Sunday, 03 Jul 2016 04:50 AM / Comments Off on Uber Miscellaneous Fee Items / 2555 views

Driver Concern: ☀Uber Miscellaneous Fee Items | What is this?☀

Community Answer: There are often some confusion when a driver see a miscellaneous item or fee listed on their statement. This is simply another way for Uber to classify additional fees you might owe to them or additional money they might owe to you.

Miscellaneous Fee: Means you owe Uber for something.
○ Weekly Device Subscription
○ Device Deposit

Miscellaneous Items: Uber owes you money.
○ Tolls

○ Cleaning or Damage Fee
○ Return of Deposit
○ Reimbursements for accessories (i.e phone chargers)
○ Incentives
○ Bonuses

Common Asked Questions:

Q. Uber paid me for a miscellaneous item then reversed it!
A. This is rare, but can happen. This could of happened because the rider wrote in and disputed the charge. The agent then would have to look at both sides and internal data/evidence to determine if they need to reverse the fee or not.

That is why it’s very important for drivers to provide only accurate information on the correct rider. Because Uber is not the one who is paying you for the miscellaneous payment, the rider is. Therefore falsifying cleaning incidents or toll reimbursements will catch up sooner or later.

Q. I was told I would be reimbursed for a cleaning and I do not see it.
A. Uber agents are only human too, that person could have misapplied the reimbursement causing it not to be applied on your account. Please take another look at your statement and if you do not see it, reply back to the email of the agent who said that they were reimbursing you and ask what happened.

Q. Uber wouldn’t reimburse me for my tolls!
A. Tolls are added into the fare automatically. In order to get reimbursed for any tolls, the rider must be in the vehicle with you are the time the toll occurred.

Q. Will Uber reimbursement for amusement park parking?
A. Yes, typically they will. Please send in a copy of your receipt. As long as this was your rider’s ending destination and they can verify it, then more than likely they will refund you your expense.

Q. When will I get paid for any miscellaneous payments?
A. As long as the payment was approved prior to the deadline Monday, 4AM, you will see the additional money in your account by Friday!

Q. How will I know for sure am getting paid for my miscellaneous items?
A. Most of the time if you log-in to your back office at least 24 hours after the adjustment was entered, you should be able to see it listed. But you want see the finalized invoice statement until sometime Monday.

Q. I’m not being paid for all my trips?
A. This could be because the trip(s) were reversed for some reason. Go back and look through your trip details and see is there any additional info left there regarding any adjustment being made. Riders will write in about almost anything, but not everything will cause your fare to be taken away.

The most common two are: you picked up the wrong rider or the rider paid you in cash. Sometimes a trip is not reversed down to zero but instead adjusted down a bit. This could be because the route was inefficient.

Q. I’m having problems receiving my direct deposit.
A. Make sure that you have entered the correct routing and account number in Vault. Also, there could be a small possibility that Uber do not owe you any money. If you have Uber fees coming out like for renting a device – maybe you didn’t generate enough income to get paid after they subtracted any fee(s).

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