Community Issue: ☀Uber Lost and Found in 2018

Many riders have or will at some point leave an item in their driver’s vehicle.

So what can be done about Uber lost items?

The first thing you should do is contact your driver – not Uber customer support. You can reach your driver via the Uber app, but if your phone is what is lost, then you can do so by logging into your account at, then navigate to the trip you left the item(s) on and select “Track It Down!” at the bottom of the receipt.

Contacting Your Driver

You will now be able to contact your driver. Go to the trip in your app, select I lost an item then Contact my driver about a lost item. At the bottom of the page, you are able to enter your call back number. The system will make the call connection. If you lost your phone, you will need to log-in to your account and enter a friend’s or family member number instead.

So when you call your driver, your real phone number will never show up. Same as when your driver calls you, that is NOT their real number you see.

Uber has a 3rd party system that will connect your call like we mentioned above.

Cannot Reach The Driver

Since the system is connecting your call, you cannot text your driver about your lost item. But you can eave a voicemail. Some riders do not like leaving voicemails because then they will have to leave a real callback number. If you do not mind leaving your number, you should do so. If you prefer not, then still leave the driver a message letting them know your name and the missing item(s). Then, tell the driver to contact Uber so they can help facilitate the return. Another option is to leave your email address as a method of contact. But for time sensitive items it would be best to leave a contact number.

The Return of Your Stuff

Once you make contact with your driver, you should try and work something out with them to get your item(s) back. If the driver haven’t drove too far away, then more than likely they want mind driving back to you.

However, if the driver has left that area, you might not get the item(s) back that fast. Unless, you are willing to drive to the driver’s location to get it back.

Tipping Your Driver For The Return

Update: If your driver return an item back to you there will be a $15 fee charged to your account. Don’t be surprise if the driver ask to be compensated for bringing back the item(s) you left in their vehicle. Since they are independent contractors and not employed by Uber, they have the right to ask you for compensation – especially if they are taking their time, gas, etc., driving back to you to drop off YOUR item.


You must be considerate of your driver’s gas and time.

File a Complaint

Yes, you can complain to Uber and if you are lucky maybe an agent can talk the driver into bringing your item back free of charge, but understand Uber cannot demand them to do so!  Of course, if your driver is just being an unreasonable pain in the ass, then we recommend you contact Uber so they can try to work something out on your behalf. In the past you could complain to Uber about having to pay your driver for the return of your lost item(s), but now you will automatically be charged $15.00.

Driver Do Not Have My Lost Item(s)

So what happens if you call your driver and he state that he do not have your lost item? Well, that’s too bad because there’s noUber Lost Item - Uber Lost Propertything Uber can really do here.

After all, the driver could be telling the truth.

Perhaps another passenger has since picked it up or maybe you didn’t truly leave it in their vehicle. Once again, you can contact Uber customer support and pitch a fit, however – Uber is not responsible nor liable here.

Here’s what Uber has to say to be exact:

Drivers are independent contractors. Neither Uber nor drivers are responsible for the items left in a vehicle after a trip ends. We’re here to help, but cannot guarantee that a driver has your item or can immediately deliver it to you.

Recommendations To Return

Assuming the driver does have your stuff; but you cannot work anything out or maybe you guys schedule are conflicting to one another. In some cases if there is an Uber office in your city that accept lost & found items, the driver can drop the item(s) off there. And you can retrieve it from that location. 

Note that Uber can only hold your item(s) for at least 45 days. After that, they will donate your stuff to a local charity or trash it.

You can always meet them halfway somewhere.

The driver can take your stuff to your local precinct.

If you are an out-of-towner, you can ask the driver to mail the item to you and you perhaps pay for shipping.

Safety First

We do not recommend going to a driver’s house to retrieve an item. Ask them can you meet them at the nearest store of restaurant in their area.

Contacting Uber Support About Your Lost Items

If for some reason, you are unable to make contact with the driver after a few attempts or you need help getting your things back. Find the trip in your app or via your online account and select “I couldn’t reach my driver about a lost item”. Please provide an item description and let them know you need help reaching the driver.

Let customer service know that you have already called and left a message. Let the agent know the item(s) you are missing and a good call back number or email address to provide the driver.

Driver Who Found Items

And if you are a driver who has found an item in your vehicle, you should contact the rider right a way. If you are not sure which rider the item belongs to, contact Uber and let them know about the lost property.

Driver Refusing To Return My Stuff

A lot of Uber riders have asked us, what should they do if the driver is simply holding their item(s) for hostage? For example, the driver want return your things without being paid.

In this case, we recommend contacting Uber asap. But, beware you might not get a quick resolution. It could take up to 24 hours to hear back or even longer if it’s the holiday.

And even then, they still have to  reach out to the driver which could take even more time.

Filing A Police Report

No one should have to do this. But, if this is a time sensitive lost item and you absolutely cannot reach any common ground with the driver, you might have to file a police report. We have seen where the officer taking the report will call the driver and help get your items back.

Uber Lost Property

Drivers Avoid The Police & Deactivation

If you are a driver holding a rider’s item(s) hostage for whatever reason – just know that Uber can deactivate your account until the issue has been resolved. There’s no need of letting the rider go as far as going to the police over this. You can not demand a rider to compensate you for returning a lost item. As a driver, you also have equal responsibility to make sure all riders have their belongings before leaving your vehicle.

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