Rider Concern  — Uber Halloween Price Hike

There is no doubt that Halloween is one of the most popular and sought after events for millions of people across the country. It is that kind of Holiday with certainty many of you will be spending some time out having some spooky fun after dark.uber-halloween-team-members

Therefore you can expect to see a boost in demand for private transportation like Uber. Though many of you might have a car of your own, still – some would  rather book a personal driver because of the obvious advantages.

First and foremost, if you decide to use Uber this night, you can breathe a little easier and enjoy Halloween to the best possible extent.

Especially, if you have plans to hit a bar or nightclub. And you don’t have to worry about getting through heavy traffic when trick-or-treaters are everywhere.

There is no doubt that Uber is one of the most renowned cab services and they certainly will be in big demand during the days preceding and following Halloween.

So it is quite possible that you could find getting an Uber a tough proposition during the night of Halloween.

Further, there is something known as surge pricing which is almost guaranteed to be in effect during the time you are trying to book a ride on this evening/night.

Not many riders are aware of this price-hike-increase and therefore they will become a bit upset when they are charged quite exorbitant when compared to normal days.

It would not be a bad idea to take some time now and understand the concept of surge pricing before trying to request an Uber Halloween night.

What Is Surge Pricing

Put in simple words surge pricing is all about charging extra based strictly on demand versus supply dynamics.uber-surge-complaints

During the few days in the run-up to Halloween there is bound to be a slight spike in demand. Due to events and family functions in many areas.

Understand that the rates are hiked by Uber (but not without warning) to encourage more drivers to get on the road to cover this high demand; and this is perfectly fine!

Although so many people accuse Uber of price gouging; this method is used across the nation with other fortune 500 products and services.

For example; the price of crude oil has dropped drastically and this could be attributed to a major slump in demand and increased production.

Well, the same applies to Uber; on normal days and hours you get regular pricing – but during Holidays, rush hours and special events, you may see an increase in pricing.

Almost all the cars that were on the road at that time you are trying to request are already booked with riders. Well to entice more drivers to come out and join the ridesharing party, Uber will spike their prices. Yep, all this certainly leads to a major mismatch between demand and supply and that is the reason surge prices are put into effect.


When To Expect Uber Halloween Surge Pricing

When we talk about surge pricing for the Uber app, as a customer, you need to be aware of a few things.


If you are only using Uber on Halloween day or night. Then, more than likely the surge pricing will be effective from Friday morning 10/28 and will continue till the wee morning of Saturday 10/29.

The fare spike seems to be at it’s highest between 8:00pm – 2am. You can probably expect it to be still surging over into Saturday night from 7:00-ish till 3 or 4:00am. Just a heads up!

The price will be double the normal rates because of the various reasons explained above.

How To Spot The Surge 

Don’t panic; you will be notified of the price increase. So you can choose if you would like to book the ride or not. uber-halloween-car-icon

Normally you can tell when you open the app on Halloween that the prices are surging because there will be a little jack-o-lantern at the top right of the map and the blue surge icon next to your vehicle option(s) (uberX, XL, etc). This means the surge is on!

However, depending on the device and app version not all users might experience the same little cute jack-o-lantern. But, you should see the blue surge icon next to the car service you desire to book.

Uber will show you the surge multiplier, then ask you to confirm. Again, this is up to you if you accept it or not. To avoid the surge, you can always (if you can) wait the surge completely out or wait for when the price is not as much. Meaning, the rates could very well still be surging; but surging at a cheaper rate. Instead of paying 3x as much, the multiplier could have dropped down to 1x. If that makes sense?


Asking For A Refund Because You Didn’t Understand the Surge

Not to sound too harsh…

But, you got about a 98% chance of getting a refund. Uber can see when and if you confirmed the surge. They can see what the app displayed to you and what you agreed to. The agents are specially trained in this area. You can threaten to delete your account, go to the media or even sue. And this want move mountains for you. Sorry.

Getting Billing Support During Halloween

Uber will be fully staffed because they know how crazy things can get. But if your only complaint is a high trip fare, then you can expect a reply because within 24-48 hours. No need to write in multiple times, they will get to you.

Lost Items

If you left something in your driver’s car, you should try contacting the driver via the app first. We are sure the driver will be busy on another trip and cannot answer your call so leave a detailed message.

Bringing Alcohol

You should always follow your local state’s laws when it comes to any open container polices for passengers. However, even if your state permits it doesn’t mean your driver will. Your driver has every right to refuse any type of open beverage entering their vehicle. If what you have is not open, then most drivers will be fine with this. Just don’t pop the cap while on your trip.

Cleaning Fees

Be mindful of your driver’s vehicle. Because if you waste something in it, damage it, vomit in it, etc., you will have to pay for it. Anywhere from $25.00-$200.00 and that’s on top of your trip’s fare.


Safety Tips

Make sure you confirm your driver and his car against the details in your app. You should see the driver’s photo, name and vehicle make, model, color and tag number.

Use the feature within the app to share your route and ETA. Just choose ‘Share My ETA’ located next to your driver’s name. Everyone you decide to share this with will receive a text with your estimated arrival time and a live map so they can know when you have made it to your destination. Community SupportHoilday SurgeUber Halloween Price HikeRider Concern  — Uber Halloween Price Hike(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});There is no doubt that Halloween is one of the most popular and sought after events for millions of people across the country. It is that kind of Holiday with certainty many of you will be spending some time...Rideshare Support Community...