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Uber Forgot To Start Trip: Resolve It Now!

By Rideshare Community Support / Published on Sunday, 12 Jun 2016 18:37 PM / Comments Off on Uber Forgot To Start Trip: Resolve It Now! / 8399 views

Driver Concern: ☀Uber Forgot To Start Trip☀| We Will Discuss How You Will Handle Mistimed Trips.

Drivers forgetting to start their trip is actually a pretty common problem. Especially among the new drivers starting out and from time to time a veteran driver might also slip up.

The good news is there is a way to still get paid for a trip you didn’t correctly capture via the Uber app.

In order to get compensated, you will need to email Uber support with the trip ID number, pick-up and drop-off locations. If you made any stops you would need to let them know this too.

Going forward, please remember that after you press “Begin Trip”, you must also press “Confirm” to actually start the trip. Make sure to pay special attention when pressing “Begin Trip” and “End Trip” to ensure the trip is calculated correctly. In the event you do forgot to start the meter, you should have pen and paper handy so you can quickly write down all pertinent trip information. That way, you want have any problems with getting reimbursed by Uber.

Below we have put together some questions you might find useful about this issue:

Since I Forgot To Start The Trip, Would Their Be A Trip ID?

Uber will still have a record of the trip that you was matched with. If you accepted the trip request then there should be a registered trip ID number even though you did not start the trip.

How Do I Find The Trip ID Number?

If you go back through your trip history, you should be able to locate the trip ID. The ID will be a long string of numbers. This is the number you will provide the agent so they can charge the correct account for the trip.

What If I Don’t Remember The Physical Pick-Up or Drop-Off Locations?

If you remember the street name and or a nearby business this might do. Uber can use their internal system to somewhat determine the pick-up location, but you must be able to provide some information about the drop-off location or any stops.

What If The Rider Paid Me In Cash?

First, you should not be accepting cash. If you ever have an issue like this, you should always make note of the rider’s addresses so you can report the mis-timed trip to Uber. Just because the rider was not charged correctly doesn’t mean they wasn’t charged at all. 

Sometimes the Uber system will bill the rider the minimum fare. So if you took cash from the rider and they were charged by Uber too, then guess what? They are going to contact Uber and complain that they had already paid you cash.

Even if Uber billing system don’t charge the client anything, it they paid you in cash, you cannot contact Uber asking them to pay you again. This is fraud.

The Uber Agent Said They Likely Want Be Honoring My Mis-Timed Trips Going Forward, Why?

This is rare, but can happen. Although Uber is there to take care of your billing issues if this becomes a recurring problem or riders are complaining, you might get this sort of response.

If almost every trip you have a mis-timed issue, then something is concernedly not right. Either you are not taking this driving gig seriously or there is something a bit suspicious going on.

Is Uber Keeping Up With Every time I Have This Sort of Problem?

Yep, you betcha! Uber is making a note somewhere on your profile. So don’t be surprised if you get called out by Uber on this if you are reporting the same issue over and over.

Why After I Was Paid For This Trip It Now Has Been Adjusted?

Great question. In a case like this, likely what has happened is that the rider has contacted Uber and disputed the fare. Did the rider pay you in cash? Did you report the mis-timed trip on the wrong trip? Did you provide an incorrect pick-up or drop-off address?

One of these scenarios could be the reason for the adjustment or refund. You need to contact Uber and get a clear understanding.

You can always ask Uber to re-evaluate the adjustment made. Make sure you provide any additional information you might have. Uber will likely follow back up with the rider too.

The Rider Made A Mess Can I Still Report It?

Yes. But first you need to alert Uber that you forgot to start the meter. Get that squared away first. Then, provide them with the pictures of the mess made by the rider and Uber will charge them accordingly.

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