Rider Issue: ☀Uber Fare Estimator No Results Found☀

Uber said they understand your frustration when it comes to trying to get a fare estimate and you get hit with that silly ‘No Results Found’! That is definitely not the kind of experience Uber want you to have so we don’t mind trying to help troubleshoot the issue.

First, if you haven’t already deleted the app and reinstalled it directly from uber.com/app, this would be a good first step. This ensures you’re using the latest version available and resolves most known issues.

Restarting your phone between uninstalling and reinstalling sometimes works as well. If you do not feel like doing a complete uninstall, you can try logging out of the Uber app, turn your device off for a few seconds, log back in, and then retry getting a fare estimate. 

Steps To Getting An Estimate: To get a trip estimate, you need to select your car preference, next tap ‘Get Fare Estimate’, and then enter your destination. This will give you a general range of what this trip should cost. You should be mindful of the fact that the pricing could very well fluctuate. For example, if you guys get stuck in traffic or bad weather.

If getting your fare estimate still doesn’t work on the Uber app, a good alternative for the meantime is to get your fare estimate online here. We know this may inconvenience you, but that is your only workaround at this time.

Lastly, if you have tried all the above suggestions and you are still getting this annoying message that no results found, then likely Uber is not able to pick you up from your requested location. Meaning, Uber is not in your area yet or no longer operate there.

If Uber no longer operates in your city, you should get a pop up that says just that. Uber has been very transparent from the beginning about their availability in cities around the country and if there was any issues (like regulations trouble), they will be up front and let everyone know. In addition, please make sure you are entering your address correctly too. This could be the problem.

Uber Fare Estimator Most Asked Questions:

Q.) Does the fare estimator include multiple stops?
A.) At this time, you can not get a fare estimate on multiple stops. If you do need to make additional stops, please let your driver know at the start of your trip. Also keep in mind that the driver will be leaving the meter running as you conduct your business and they are waiting on you.

The driver will not stop his or her meter until you get out at your last destination. Therefore, the fare estimate tool would not be able to give you an accurate estimate anyway because there is no way for it to calculate your wait time.

Q.) How are rates calculated?
A.) Uber rates are based on base fare, distance and time. There is always a minimum fare amount as well.

Q.) Why was I charged more than the fare quote I received?
A.) Fares can fluctuate depending on traffic and other external circumstances. The best thing to do here is contact Uber and ask for a fare review. The agent will be able to see your trip in greater details and determine if you were over charged or not.

Be prepared to answer so questions about the trip. Did you request the driver to take an alternative route, did you make any stops, was this a round-trip, etc? Please answer any questions honestly, as the agent may also follow-up with the driver.

Q.) Can I save my fare estimate?
A.) Unfortunately, no! And for good reasons though – since Uber pricing could change at any time it wouldn’t make sense for fare estimates to be saved. This will only confuse you.

Q.) Uber app is not accurately pulling up my pickup address, why is that?
A.) Well this can happen sometime! Sorry. The truth is not every address is listed in the mapping system. Rare, but can happen from time to time. Your street name most likely will come up, but not your actual street number. Not too much you can do here.

First, you should try manually entering your address in the app. Try entering your complete address all the way down to the zip code.

If that do not work, we recommend that after you request your ride – text and or call your driver and provide your complete address. If you are at a business or venue instead of a resident, you can try entering the venue or place of business name in the pickup address field instead of the physical address.

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