How Does Uber Feel About Your Tip Jar???

This is something many drivers ask about all the time, (if it’s okay to have a tip jar in their vehicle?); we are happy to help clarify here as much as we can.

Uber Driver Tip Jar

Update: Due to a lawsuit, Uber NOW allow drivers to ask for tips. Shannon Liss-Riordan, the attorney representing Uber drivers, stated. “Drivers will be able to place signs in their cars informing riders that tips are not included.” Uber also now make it more clear to riders that tips are not included in their fare.

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First off, the Uber experience means not having riders to reach for a wallet at the end of a ride. As a result, Uber actually let riders know that tipping is not required – they never want riders to feel obligated to pay extra at the end of Uber trips.  Uber Driver Tip Jar

Handling Tips : : If a rider offers a tip, you should remind them that tipping is not necessary with Uber. New riders may not know about the tipping policy and could feel cheated if they later learn that tipping was not required and for that very reason will leave you a negative rating.

But on the flip side, if the rider still insists on tipping, you should accept the tip – you earned it, as Uber would say!

Tip Jar Truth : : That’s cool and all, but what about a tip jar? The last we verified, Uber do NOT allow drivers to ride around with a tip jar in their vehicle while picking up passengers on their platform. Having a tip jar might work wonders, but not all riders will be so thrilled to participate. We know you might be thinking, well how would anyone at Uber know? Easy. Some of your riders will complain bitterly about it. This might sound petty, but a lot of riders do not like to feel as if they are being forced to tip you when they already know that Uber’s motto is to have a cashless- experience. Riders will even take pictures as evidence to show Uber exactly what you are up to.

Do Uber Care?: : So, what will Uber do about this? Well, you will most definitely be receiving a nice little phone call or email about this. Uber will basically go over their policy and might kindly ask you to remove the jar. Can they make you or mandate you to do so? Absolutely, not. Because you are not their employee. However, they can deactivate your account if they choose too. Just because you are an independent contractor doesn’t mean you don’t have to meet certain terms and policies to remain active on their platform. Update: Uber Now Allow Drivers To Ask For Tips So There Shouldn’t Be Any Issues.

Your Rating : : Even if Uber does let you slide with having a tip jar, you can expect your rating to take a hit by those riders who are applauded by this.

Yes, some riders are just that petty to leave low ratings and complain to Uber about a driver asking for a tip. And certainly, you know that if your rating dropped below the minimum threshold, you are at risk of deactivation for poor quality.

Taking A Risk : : Could this work? Maybe or maybe not. Since drivers are allowed to ask for tips now, you could test the tip jar out and see will it hurt your ratings. But, if you fail miserably and lose access to your Uber app because your rating is too low – don’t say we ain’t warn you.

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