Career Help  – Uber Driver Resume and Cover Letter Template

To drive for Uber a resume is not required so this article is to help Uber drivers prepare their resume and cover letter to show their experience driving for Uber to present to other companies.

Uber Driver ResumeThe first appearance of your resume should be eye-grabbing.

Your name, contact number and email address should be listed prominently at the top of the page. The experience and skills section should clearly detail the work you have done while driving on the Uber system.

Given the proprietary nature of the using the Uber platform an an independent contractor, it is important to know what topics of work discussion and which methods of communication are acceptable under the terms agreement signed by all drivers.

Here are some tips on language to use when discussing your work performed at Uber:

· Do use the Uber name proudly! You are or was an independent contractor working on the Uber Platform. But you are not or was an employee of Uber.
· Do specify that you are or was an independent consultant or contractor under contract with Uber when updating your resume/curriculum vitae (CV) or when speaking to potential employers.

· Do use the following language, as appropriate, to describe your relationship with Uber:
o “The relationship agreement between Uber and myself was solely independent business partnership. Uber was the acting payment collection agent, collecting the funds from riders on my behalf.”
o “I was responsible for maintaining adequate insurance, a valid driving license, vehicle registrations, & proper vehicle upkeep.”
o “While operating on the Uber platform, I had to also maintain an average rating that I exceeded at all times.”

Not Acceptable
The following information should not be shared with anyone outside of Uber, including your friends, family, employers, and people you may refer for contracting opportunities with Uber:

· Do not list Uber Technologies or any of your Uber clients as your employer or client.
· Do not share your Driver ID or dashboard login information with anyone outside of the Uber organization.
· Do not discuss any rider’s name, pick-up location or trip details, photo or contact information.

Sample Job Duties To List On Resume

■ Pick-up riders and take them to their preferred location
■ Airport pickups and drop offs
■ Help with luggage and other passenger belongings
■ Assist the elderly or any person with disability with wheelchair and or medical equipment
■ Returned lost and found item(s) to passengers
■ Performed pre and post vehicle care – clean and stocked with refreshments
■ Performed vehicle maintenance like refueling and oil and tire change when necessary
■ Kept accurate records of all driving expenses for business and tax purposes
■ Built trust among riders and engaged in general conversation

Uber drivers are trained to drive their passengers to their destinations with the shortest route as well as by the choice of the guest. Uber taught their drivers to do daily checks to identify any vulnerable problem. If the driver carries out those checks daily, then the chance of the car breaking down becomes very low.Uber Driver Resume Help

Sample Job Skills

■ Logic, problem-solving,decision-making and customer service skills
■ Ability to deal with drunk and unruly customers
■ Knowledge of local geography and map-reading
■ Excellent written and verbal communication
■ Safe, reliable, respectful and responsible driver

You can also write your skills and abilities to deal with real time situations as you encountered when working with Uber. The ability to deal with unforeseen circumstances should be mentioned in your resume or to the hiring manager.


Your education is typically not too important if you are applying for another private driving position. Surely if you have a degree, you should list it. The driving industry mostly always prefers a highly experience candidate than a more educated one. The good thing is that driving for Uber gives you a tremendous experience and valuable working environment.

What most companies are looking for are drivers that hold special license classifications like A, B, C or E and chauffeur license.

You should write this section out in bullet forms preferably.

Preparing Your Uber Cover Letter

It is always a good idea to write a cover letter with your resume. Your cover letter should include the purpose of your resume,  the position you are applying for and your background experience just to name a few. As the driving industry getting advance every day, the selection procedure of the driver is becoming tougher day by day. Therefore a good cover letter will surely help you stand out.

Below is a template cover letter for Uber drivers to go by when preparing their own cover letter. You can download a Word.doc copy to edit by clicking here.

Manager Human Resources
ABC Company
All Streets
Any Town


Dear Ms. Doe,

I’m writing in reference to the advertisement published in the (insert where you saw job listed) dated (insert date), regarding the hourly position as a private driver. I am very keen on working for a company like yours that offers great opportunities for advancement and the chance of making a real difference. I know that an hourly position within your organization would help me demonstrate the abilities I have.

I’m a professional driver with 6+ years experience in handling everything to do with automobiles. I have an exemplary track record with no violations, and I’m well aware of all the driving rules, laws, and regulations. I enjoy driving and believe that I have a perfect working knowledge of the local area and all its surroundings. I am courteous, helpful, and I take great pride in professional customer service.

Currently, I am working with Uber with the main responsibilities of picking up clients, transporting them to places, and keeping the vehicle in good condition. I have accomplished more than 150 safe and fruitful trips in the last three months. I maintain files and create Excel spreadsheets to track maintenance, mileage, and miscellaneous expenses.

Being an excellent communicator, I have always demonstrated the ability to deal peacefully with delays or unforeseen circumstances, and use my advanced driving skills to improve safety and time management.

As a self-motivated team player, I’ve taken a chance to learn some basic mechanical skills which make me very comfortable in managing small repairs on my vehicle. I can proactively oversee and monitor the day-to-day and scheduled vehicle maintenance.

I look forward to an opportunity for a personal interview where we can discuss more on my driving credentials and eligibility for this position.

I have attached my personal resume for your review and would like to thank you for your consideration.

Yours Sincerely,

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