Today We Breakdown 2018 Uber Guide For Drivers: Uber Driver Checklist

»Contract & Fee Schedule: Before Uber you get started driving it’s important that you take some time to look over your contract and fee schedule. If you are unsure what a fee schedule is just know that it will explain the rate you are paid for each completed trip. Understand that not all fee schedules are the same as it will vary depending on your city.

Anyway, looking over both of these documents will help avoid some confusion later on.

To find your current fee schedule and contract, please log-in to your and click on your profile tab, stroll down a bit and you should see your Partner Agreement and Fee Schedule. If you are unUber Driver Checklist Uber Guide For Driversable to find both of these documents, you should contact Uber support to see exactly where are they located.

»Uber Driver Payment Setup:

Uber do not send out paper checks via the mail. In order to be paid, you must have a checking account. Click here when you are ready to setup your direct deposit; the video will show you how to do so.

»Using Uber Partner App & System:

Do you know how to get started with using the partner app? What about how to cancel a ride, request a fare review or return a lost item? These are some of the things you should know about before getting on the road. Below you will find training videos on several topics to help better your understanding.

How To Use The Uber Partner App – Learn mostly everything you need to know about working the app

How To Request A Fare Review – This video will show you how to submit to Uber requesting them to review a fare on a specific trip. A fare review is mostly done when you think you have been underpaid or overpaid for a trip.

Uber Lost Item – Riders leaving items behind in an Uber is very, very common. As a driver, you should know how to handle this. A good rule of thumb is to always do a quick check after each passenger to make sure they have all of their things. Checking your vehicle not only will allow you to return any lost item(s) right away, but you will also be able to determine if the rider made any sort of mess or damages to your vehicle. If you do not check you vehicle after each trip, then you want be able to accurately determine the rider(s) responsible.

Surging – While it’s surging is one of the best times to be on the road with Uber. Watch the video so you can understand more about it.

Tolls – In some cities there are tolls that may need to be paid during your trip. You will pay the toll, not the rider, but Uber will reimburse you.

»Cleaning Fee Policy:

 Uber policy on cleaning fee reimbursement is that you must provide a photo of the damage within 48 hours of the trip in order for them to bill the rider. If you do not have any photo(s), you will not be paid. Uber will bill the rider $50.00 to $200.00 depending on the extent of the mess. That is why it’s important to check your vehicle quickly after each trip so you will know the correct rider to report the incident on. Making false reports will only later have your cleaning fee reversed. 

»Dress Code for Uber Drivers

As an independent business owner and not an employee of Uber, you are able to dress as you please. However, if you are taking this business opportunity seriously, you should be well groomed and neatly dressed at all times. Even a nice, clean, wrinkled-free t-shirt with a nice pair of denim jeans are okay. If you are an Uber Black driver you might consider a nice pair of slacks and a button down shirt, as you are a licensed professional driver. Of course, a driver could also wear an Uber Taxi T-Shirt to complete their look too.

»Driver Vehicle Checklist:

Did you know that Uber riders care just as much about your amenities, car quality & cleanliness than anything else? If you want to maintain a healthy rating with Uber, you should consider being more than just a driver, you should think about how to be a top notch Uber driver. Some of the top earning Uber drivers are the ones who take their business seriously and you can do the same. Below are some things you should think about and start implementing immediately.


Offer candy – Let’s face it almost everyone loves candy. Offering a sweet treat could surely sweeten your rider(s) up a bit. Make sure you offer candy that is generally liked by everybody and always buy family sizes so you can get more for your money. Some examples would be Chocolate Hershey’s, Peppermint Candy and Dubble Bubble Gum.

Offer Bottled Water: Offering water is a great move and will be well appreciated. You don’t have to go all out and provide the standard size bottled of water, the smaller sizes are just fine. Like Crystal Geyser Spring Water, 28/ct is a very cost effective choice. If you want to go all out, you could also offer Coca-Cola Mini-Cans. Of course you do not have to offer your goodies on every single ride, some drivers only offer these extras on the weekend or late night rides.

Offer A Phone Charger: Do you know what kind of compliments and praises you will receive from your passengers if you have a charger available to them? You should have a charger separate from your personal charger and this charger should be able to fit different phones. The good thing is that nearly all of your riders will either be using an iPhone or Android device. With that being said, you should have a Universal USB Combo Charger Cable that will fit most mobile devices including an iPad. Make sure if you allow the rider to use your charger in the backseat be sure to get it back from them when their ride comes to an end. We suggest that you offer to charge their device in the front, near you so you can keep an eye on your charger. It’s very easy for a rider to take your charger with them by mistake.

»Car Care and Cleanliness:

Vomit Carebag: Do you know the number one mess made in a driver’s car? If you said a rider vomiting, then you are right on the money! The best way to handle this is to carry Carebag Vomit Bag in your vehicle at all times.

Cleaning Cloths: You should always have Paper Towels or some sort of Microfiber Cleaning Cloths. You never know when there is a spill or something you need to wipe up.

Cleaning Spray: Sometimes you might have to tidy up your vehicle after dropping off a rider. Especially if you had a pretty big party. The best thing you could have in your car for this situation is Multi Purpose Foam Cleaner.

Things Not To Do:

  1. Do not accept cash from a rider
  2. Do not ask for a tip
  3. Do not promote yourself/ business – do not give riders a business card
  4. Do not talk negative about Uber
  5. Do not let friends or family members ride with you
  6. Do not drive a vehicle other than the one(s) that has already been approved on your account
  7. Do not argue with a rider – if you are having trouble with a rider, you should end the trip, ask the passenger to exit your vehicle and notify Uber
  8. Do not start the trip before the rider has entered your vehicle and you are ready to take them to their destination
  9. Do not try to hit on or date any passengers or have inappropriate conversations
  10. Do not text or talk on the phone while passengers are in your car

Thing To Do:

  1. Confirm your rider’s destination address
  2. Offer candy or water if you have some
  3. Ask them what radio station they would like to listen to
  4. If the rider say that they need to make an additional stop, let them know that you will need to keep the meter running and they will be charged
  5. If a rider ask could you take them back to their destination because they will only be where they are going for a few minutes – You can let them know that this would be consider as a round trip and you will leave the meter running throughout the duration of the trip
  6. A little bit before you are coming upon the rider’s drop off destination ask them to make sure they have all of their belongings to prevent any of their items to be left behind
  7. Consider helping the passenger with any luggage or bags, especially pregnant women, women with small children, elderly or disabled people
  8. Report to Uber any rider suspicious activities or you suspect the rider is underage

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