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Uber Driver Called Me!

By Rideshare Community Support / Published on Friday, 10 Jun 2016 05:03 AM / Comments Off on Uber Driver Called Me! / 2139 views

Rider Issue: ☀Uber Driver Called Me☀| Today we will address this in greater details!

When a driver calls a rider too often it can make the Uber experience less seamless and Uber actually does everything they can to discourage these kind of calls unless they’re absolutely necessary.

From what we’ve heard, drivers are often faced with riders that set the wrong pick-up location, so it’s likely their effort to confirm the location and avoid wasting time by going to the wrong place. The driver could also be trying to confirm any additional stops you might have or your destination.

That said, Uber fully understand that this can be inconvenient or a bit weird, so if you let Uber support know of this, they will definitely follow-up with the driver if this is brought to their attention.

Uber make every effort to educate riders on how to properly set the pick-up location and drivers on how to provide quality service. Hopefully we will see much less of these incidents in the future, but Uber will genuinely appreciate your letting them know in the meantime. If this ever happens again, feel free to send a quick note on the feedback box on the app so Uber can take appropriate action and continue to improve this issue.

Uber Driver Called Me Top Asked Questions By Riders:

Does the Uber driver has my phone number?

No. Drivers do not have access to their riders personal phone numbers. Same as riders do not have access to the driver’s phone number. All calls are connected via Uber 3rd party phone system.

My driver is calling too much, what should I do?

Are all the calls related to the pick-up? If yes. Then, the driver could be confused about your pick-up location. If no. We recommend that you cancel the trip and notify Uber.

Keep in mind that the driver could be a newbie and somewhat confused. Try to have some patience with them if you can. If you are busy, simply let the driver know. Ask the driver if he/she is comfortable with the pick-up. You can always cancel and re-request a new driver without being charged a cancellation fee if you do so within 5 minutes.

What if I cancel the trip, will I be penalized?

You are able to cancel at anytime you would like. However, if you cancel outside of the 5 minute window, you will be billed a cancellation fee if applicable in your city.

Will the driver see my feedback or comments I left about him calling me?

No. Uber do not share or show rating or feedback left by riders or drivers.

I don’t want this driver anymore, can I block him?

Uber does have the capability to block a driver, but there must be a good reason to. Likely they want block them just because they called you too much. Therefore we recommend that if you do not want this driver in the future, you can always cancel them immediately if you get accepted by them.

We don’t recommend that you cancel him/her no more than 2 times. Too many cancellations looks spamy and you are risking your account to be disabled.  After 2 times of getting the same person, you should wait a little bit and try your request again.

But, if the driver was inappropriate, then we are sure they will. Please do not over fabricate the truth in order to get the driver blocked. Uber will investigate the issue.

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