Driver Topic: Today we want to discuss a bit deeper about Uber Driver Account For Sale

In order to become apart of the Uber team as a driver there are some requirements you must first meet. Although most cities have their own set of requirements, the minimum for a lot of cities are:

Driver’s License
Insurance (in your name)
Acceptable 4 Door Vehicle
Pass Background Check

However, a lot of people do not meet these requirements, the number one reason for application rejection is due to a failed background check.Uber Driver Account For Sale

In order to pass the background check, you must have at least one year of US driving experience, a clean MVR (no more than three incidents in the past three years, no DUIs and no reckless driving) and a clean criminal background check (no felonies or misdemeanors involving theft, violence or drugs in the past 7 years).

Many that had high hopes of driving for Uber likely will not anytime soon due to this. So some denied drivers have turned to friends or family members to setup accounts in their name, and come recently even turned to the internet to purchase an already established driver account. The problem here is that not only is it fraudulent and dangerous for everyone that’s involved, but it simply will not work.

Below we will point out why buying an Uber driver’s account is never a good idea and you should steer clear of this wrongdoing. The list is not in any particular order…

Profile Picture: Unless you are twin to the original account holder, you will not be able to pass yourself off as the driver. Uber checks drivers profile picture against their driver’s license. So uploading a picture of yourself thinking that Uber want notice that the two don’t even somewhat match is not that smart. What if you have a picture of the actual account holder as the profile picture? You will still get busted because some of your riders are going to tip Uber off that the profile picture do not match the person that was driving. Some riders will even go as far as recording or taking a picture of you to prove that you are not who you say you are!

Keeping Documents Updated: If the account you are driving under is listed with someone else information, how can you assure that the documents will stay updated? Like, what are you going to do when documents start to expire? Will you always have access to that friend or family member’s information? Or, if you buy an account from a stranger, will they always provide you with updated documents? If you don’t keep your documents up-to-date, then you cannot drive.

Bad Account/Deal: If you are buying your Uber account from someone, how do you know for sure the account is in good standing? Even if the overall rating is okay – how do you know that this person/account ain’t already on the verge of getting deactivated by Uber and that’s why they are trying to sale it off in the first place?

Renege On The Agreement: If you purchase an account from a stranger or even if someone you know allow you to use their information to setup an account, how do you know that at some point they want change their mind? Just because you have access or possession of an account doesn’t mean you always will. It want be too hard for the rightful owner to contact Uber or go into a local office and either have the account deactivated or have all the passwords reset. And just like that you have lost the account and your income.

Wrong Vehicle: If you buy an account from someone who has active on their Uber account a Red 2011 Toyota Corolla tag BEC123, how will this work for you if you do not have this vehicle to drive? First of all, Uber drivers can only drive the vehicle that has been approved on their account. How will Uber know you ain’t driving the correct vehicle? Easy. Your RIDERS will tell them. What will Uber do? Depending on the account history, they will either warn you or deactivate the account. Either way, there is no way around this.

Identity Thief: If you have setup an Uber account in someone else name without their permission – don’t be surprise if they find out and you are in trouble with the law.

We can go on and on about why it’s not a good idea to buy or use someone else identity to drive on the Uber platform, but we will stop here for now. Just know it’s not smart or safe to do so, Uber will deactivate your account fast.

Selling Your Uber Account: And if you are a person who is thinking about putting your account up for sale… Just remember you could be selling your account to someone who has bad intentions or looking to steal your personal information. When you hand your account over to someone else, please remember if anything happens while they are driving for Uber under your account, you are equally responsible. And since they will have access to your personal information you have shared with Uber, don’t be surprised if your identity will be used in other ways tpp.

All in all, buying an account or using someone else identity is just not worth the hassle. Getting rejected by Uber is not the end of the world! If you are a driver that is currently driving for Uber under a fraudulent account – it’s only a matter of time before the hammer come crashing down. Community SupportDriver SupportUber Driver Account For SaleDriver Topic: ★ Today we want to discuss a bit deeper about Uber Driver Account For Sale★// ✎ In order to become apart of the Uber team as a driver there are some requirements you must first meet. Although most cities have their own set of requirements, the minimum for...Rideshare Support Community...