Uber Boston rates are not a guarantee. Cost may change due to route taken, weather, traffic, etc.

Uber Boston Estimate & City Reviews
Boston Uber Launched Date: September 2012
Social Profile: Twitter @Uber_BOS
Office Address: 239 Causeway St. – 1st Floor Boston, MA 02114 | Monday – Friday: 9am-5:30pm| No weekends
Average Wait Time: 3-7 minutes

Boston Vehicle Options

Base Fare … $2.00
Per Minute … $0.20
Per Mile … $1.24
Booking Fee … $1.15
Minimum Fare … $6.15
Cancellation Fee … $5.00
Base Fare … $3.50
Per Minute … $0.35
Per Mile … $2.45
Booking Fee … $1.15
Minimum Fare… $7.15
Cancellation Fee … $5.00
Base Fare … $7.00
Per Minute … $0.45
Per Mile … $3.95
Minimum Fare … $15.00
Cancellation Fee … $10.00
Base Fare … $14.00
Per Minute … $0.50
Per Mile … $4.30
Minimum Fare … $25.00
Cancellation Fee …$10.00

Uber Boston Reviews

Uber Boston Reviews

Uber Boston Average Airport Fare (rates not guaranteed)

From: Boston Logan International Airport
To: Park Plaza, Boston, MA 02116
14 min (5.5 mi) via MA-1A S
Your Options:
UberBLACK $41-51
uberSUV $51-61
From: Boston Logan International Airport
To: Downtown, Boston, MA
12 min (4.0 mi) via MA-1A S
Your Options:
UberBLACK $36-44
uberSUV $45-54
From: Boston Logan International Airport
To: Harvard University, Cambridge, MA 02138
16 min (8.0 mi) via I-90 W
Your Options:
UberBLACK $51-64
uberSUV $61-75
From: Boston Logan International Airport
To: South Station Boston, 700 Atlantic Avenue, Boston, MA 02205
13 min (4.8 mi) via MA-1A S
Your Options:
UberBLACK $38-46
uberSUV $47-56

Brief Uber History

The story of Uber, the ridesharing giant, started on a cold snowy night in 2008, when two pedestrians, Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp found themselves stranded on a cold, snowy Paris night, and tried hailing a taxi and was met only with frustration.

Out of this came a vision: What if all you had to do was to tap a button on a phone to get a ride?

Thus the phenomenon known as Uber was born. According to their website, Uber started as an app that was used to ask for a premium black cars in a few cities. It has now grown to about 511 cities worldwide.

For riders, it serves an alternative to taxis, which are sometimes too busy to pick you up right away, and may be unavailable on snowy nights like the one Kalanick and Garrett experienced. If you are looking for extra money, Uber just might be the side income for which you have been searching. This post will attempt to answer questions related to how this ridesharing service works.

Winning the Uber Game: How to Get High Ratings

—Understand that there is a rating system for drivers, and one for riders. After your ride is over, you will be asked to rate a driver from 1 to 5. But remember, the driver is not the only one being evaluated: as the passenger, you are too. A low rating could mean a harder time getting a ride from Uber the next time In extreme cases, it could mean you are canceled from the system altogether.

According to the Business Insider website, there are ten rules a Uber passenger should follow. Whether or not you obey these rules could mean the difference between a good rating and an excellent rating, or a good one and a poor one, the consequences of too many less than stellar ratings is that it is more difficult getting a Uber next time around, or that you could be dropped from the system altogether.

–If you are in the habit of being a “backseat driver,” know that that will not work at Uber. It makes the driver feel like you don’t think he or she knows what he or she is doing. This is how he or she makes his/her living, and it should be a given that the driver will behave professionally on the job, and will fulfill his or her responsibility to get you to your destination in the safest manner possible. Should you choose to do this, it could negatively affect the rating you receive.

Don’t make your driver wait too long. Keep an eye out for him or her; assume that he or she will be there soon. Be at the place where you specified that your driver is to meet you Remember, you are on their time Your driver could be picking up other customers while he or she is waiting on you This is a definite no-no, and could affect your score. Moreover, it could lose you some money too. Business Insider tells the story of a rider who ended up spending more money than he budgeted for when the driver started his trip during the time that the driver was made to wait. Undoubtedly, his overall score ended up being less than he expected as well.

Don’t throw up in the car. This is one rule that, if you break it, could get you charged a cleaning fee, plus lower your ratings. The key here is to know your limits if you are out at a party. Don’t get so drunk that it makes you sick to your stomach and prone to vomit.

Little annoyances to avoid: Bringing smelly food into the car; slamming the door; and forgetting to enter your destination into the app. This is basically going back to the golden rule of treating others as you yourself would want to be treated. These things can determine the good passenger points you are given.

Give 5 star ratings. If your driver has done a good job handling your trip, let Uber know by entering the appropriate rating into the app. Remember that your driver has a person over him who is evaluating his performance, and if that person feels that the driver’s ratings aren’t high enough, that driver could lose his or her job. The favor may be returned, if you are a good passenger who follows the rules presented in this post.

Do not act entitled. Many times drivers will have such amenities as candy, gum, car chargers, or bottled water. Don’t ask for these–wait until they are offered. Or if you feel the need to ask for these, do so politely. These are only optional. It’s better to plan ahead and bring your own, eliminating the need to make such a request. The attitude of being entitled can lower your rating.

Do not overload the car. It puts the driver in the stressful position of having to ask you to order another car, which hurts your pocket book. It will also, needless to say–hurt your rating as well Besides, it is illegal: Thesecars have a capacity for only so many passengers, and these are rules that the drivers must follow, for they are the law.


You need to mind your manners in a Uber. Remember that you are trying to make an impression, just as your driver is Along the same lines, giving a tip–although it is not required–is an excellent idea. Uber forbids tips paid by the apps. So a cash tip is always welcome. It tells the company that a certain driver is good, and it gives that driver extra cash to spend. And it might increase your ratings as well.