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Uber Cities In North Carolina

By Rideshare Community Support / Published on Friday, 08 Jul 2016 07:00 AM / Comments Off on Uber Cities In North Carolina / 636 views

Community Discussion: ☀Uber Cities In North Carolina☀

We are very excited that Uber has rapidly expanded in NC! At this time, Uber service areas are the following:

■ Eastern North Carolina| Goldsboro, Greenville, New Bern, Jacksonville, Havelock, Cedar Island, Morehead City and Emerald Isle
■ Asheville, NC
■ Fayetteville, NC
■ Outer Banks, NC
■ Wilmington, NC

As long as your pickup location is within Uber coverage area, your driver can take you wherever you need to go!

Riding Capacity: Riders are able to request uberX (up to 4 riders) & uberXL (up to 6 riders).

Please do not overcrowd your driver’s car! If you request an uberX, you cannot take more than 4 passengers (including yourself) no matter how many more riders the driver’s vehicle can accommodate. If the driver shows up in a SUV and you only requested an uberX and if you even allow one extra rider to join you (meaning a total of 5 riders), you will be subject to an upcharge.

Rates: You can also see a map of coverage, rates, and available options for any city by selecting the city here. We recommend that you get a fare estimate prior to requesting. That way you will not be hit with an unexpected price shock.

Tipping: Please note that trip fares do not include a tip nor are they required or expected. If you would like to tip your driver, you are welcome to do so. Driver-partners are informed that tipping is not expected.

Ratings: In regards to ratings, we suggest that riders and driver-partners base the ratings they give each other on the overall trip experience. Be fair. Don’t leave a low rating because the driver;s cologne was too loud or he wasn’t talkative enough.

Uber North Carolina Common Asked Questions:

Q. What is the cancellation policy?
A. Cancel before 5 minutes no fee will apply. Cancel after 5 mins and a fee will apply.

Q. My driver didn’t show up, but I was charged a cancellation fee?
A. Since cancellations are billed automatically, you may receive a cancellation fee every time this happens. Sorry. However, you can contact Uber and let them know and they will help you out.

Q. I missed my flight because of the Uber driver, will Uber compensate me?
A. Unfortunately, Uber is not liable here. Drivers are not employed by them. Uber might refund your fare and or give your some credits. Might.

Q. Does drivers carry car seats?
A. Generally, no. But you can always call and ask your driver do they have one already in their vehicle. If they do not, you can always use your own.

Q. Can my dog ride with me in the Uber?
A. That would be up to your driver. Please call them beforehand and let them know about your pet.

Q. How old must I be to ride Uber?
A. At least 18. Under 18 must be with an adult. If a driver report that an underage person is using Uber, Uber will ban their account.

Q. My driver took me on a crazy, long route?
A. Contact Uber and ask for a fare review. Uber can see the exact route and determine if you were overcharged. Sometimes a longer route doesn’t necessarily means you paid more either.

Q. How long can my driver wait for me to come out?
A. Your driver should wait at least 5 minutes before cancelling your trip. However, if the driver cancel the trip, you may be hit with a cancellation fee. If you are running late, please call your driver and let them know. You have a better chance for them waiting a bit longer for you.

Q. Can I make multiple stops?
A. Yes. But you should advise your driver of these stops before your trip begin. Keep in mind that the driver is allowed to leave the meter running while you go from stop to stop. The driver do not have to ‘end trip’ until you are at your final destination.

Q. Is Uber available 24/7 in North Carolina?
A. Yes. But, please check the app much in advance to make sure there are some drivers on the road. Because depending on the time you need an Uber, especially over in the night and really early in the morning it’s a possibility that there are not many on the road. This is normal since drivers can work when they want to. So always have a backup plan.

Q. Is there a cleaning fee policy?
A. If you or someone make a mess (even a pet), you are responsible for reimbursing the driver for any damages. You will get a separate bill from anywhere between $25.00 to $200.00.

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