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Taco Bell CEO Uber Driver Attack

By Rideshare Community Support / Published on Saturday, 23 Jan 2016 20:51 PM / Comments Off on Taco Bell CEO Uber Driver Attack / 1376 views

Today’s discussion: Taco Bell CEO Uber Driver Attack!

Who can forget the Taco Bell executive, thug Benjamin Golden who assaulted Uber driver Edward Caban (23) of Mission Viejo last October as he was giving him a ride on Costa Mesa. The Doritos Locos taco creator became furious when Edward told Golden to exit his vehicle because he was too drunk to give directions. They both argued a bit and as Mr. Taco Bell opens the door, he felt the need to repeatedly slap, hit and pull Caban’s hair. It wasn’t until the driver sprayed the bad boy with some pepper spray the assault came to an end.Taco Bell CEO Uber Driver Attack

The nearly 4 minute dash-cam video of the 32 year old Newport Beach executive erratic behavior is what got him his walking papers from the food giant Taco Bell. Kudos to Taco Bell for handling this situation.

Edward filed a lawsuit against Benjamin in Orange County Superior Court. The Uber driver is claiming emotional distress, assault and battery. Edward is seeking $25,000. Seems reasonable, huh? We were thinking more like $50,000, though.

Rivers Morrell, Caban’s attorney said “He’s fearful, he can’t sleep, he just can’t get this out of his head.”

Mr. Golden did apologize through his attorney stating he sincerely apologize and he should have never slapped Caban. The attorney even went as far as saying that Golden accepts full responsibility and understands the consequences as a result.

But now, we guess – Golden has a slight change of heart because he has filed a lawsuit of his own. Seeking $5 million for invasion of privacy, emotional distress and some other crap. Good luck with that.
So that makes you think, would it be wise for every driver to have a dashboard cam installed in their vehicle? Of course in some states, you would have to let the passenger know they are being recorded. But, still – most riders wouldn’t have a problem with it because they know it’s only as a safety precaution. 

If Caban didn’t have this evidence, no one would have probably ever believed the poor kid.

Anyway, peep the video below of the thug.

If you are a driver, you might want to consider getting you a dashboard camera and pepper spray also for your protection. Without this video, we are almost 100% positive Golden would have gotten off because no one would ever believe that a top executive would ever do such a thing. Just like we’re sure no one would have ever thought Dr Anjali Ramkissoon would attack her Uber driver either. Below are a few of our recommended picks.

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