Question: How Do I save Uber receipt as PDF?

This is one question a lot of Uber riders are pondering about. In this day and age PDF format is just more convenient, especially when you need your receipts for work or business purposes.

Unfortunately, Uber do not have the option to save your receipt in the PDF format from their site or when they send your receipt via email. But, there is a work-around that will work for practically everybody!

The easiest hack to save your Uber receipt is by using the print option.

No, the easiest hack for 2017 is to send your receipt to and let their automated system email you back your receipt in PDF within minutes.

We know that might sound odd, but let us explain because this is sweet. You do not have to download any special tools or software to do this. solves the problem of converting text or emails to PDF fast and easy. The service is free of charge, however, if you are converting a lot you should consider a small donation to the site to show your appreciation. Here’s how this works below.

Steps to Converting Uber Receipt to PDF

1. Go to your trip receipt in your personal email (if you need a new copy, log-in to your UBER account at, find the trip and hit resend.)

2. Once you have it up select the forward option in your email account.

3. In the To: field type

4. Before you hit send make sure you take out all the time stamp and other text that comes up when you forward a message. You just want your receipt only. Not the extra stuff.

5. Hit send.

6. Within 1-3 minutes you should get a return email with your receipt converted to PDF attached. See example below.

Uber Receipt to PDF

Pros: It’s free. This work perfectly. The map is also included in the PDF.

Cons: The only thing we did not like was the PDF came back with the email header at the very top as you can see in the 3rd pic. But, you can exclude this by sending your forward email to instead of the one we tested.

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Here’s what you do: This is the old way.

❶ Log-in to your email account and find the email of your receipt or log-in to your online Uber account at and click ‘view details‘ on the trip receipt you want to print

Next right click on your receipt with your mouse

❸ When you right click, you should see different options – one of them will say print

Click print. This should bring up your print screen. Change the “destination type” to Save as PDF

If that work-around did not work for you, then you can always take a screenshot of the receipt by pressing ‘Prt Sc” on your computer and paste it into some sort of Word or Open Office document software on your computer and export it as a PDF from there.

Page Updated 2/11/2017
PDF Uber Receipt. Help!

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