Today’s Rider Community Topic: ☀Rating Your Uber Driver☀

Rating your driver should only take a second and it is the best way to alert Uber of any issues there may have been on your trip. Leaving additional feedback is optional, but it’s the easiest way to get in touch if you have any concerns or if there’s anything you need Uber to look into.

Believe it or not, but Uber really do read each and every feedback that comes in to them we were told. And they appreciate you taking the time to rate your driver, as it help them maintain the best quality on their system.

If a driver drop too low in their rating, they risk getting kicked off the platform. If the driver gets too out of hand regardless of their feedback, they can be terminated immediately.

Don’t worry Uber will not share your feedback or rating with the driver. Nor will they share the driver’s rating or feedback left for you to you.

Top 10 Reasons You Should Rate & Leave Feedback:

If Your Driver Car Quality Was Not Up To Par
    ■ Drivers should maintain the upkeep of their vehicle inside and out. If your driver’s air or heat is not working in the vehicle also let Uber know.

The Driver Took an Inefficient Route
    ■ From time to time a driver might get lost on accident. Even though they use a GPS, GPS is not always accurate. If the inefficient route was not the fault of the driver, then you shouldn’t leave them a low rating just because of that. However, you still have leave feedback requesting Uber to review your fare.

The Driver Has a Friend or Family Member Riding With Them
    ■ It is against Uber’s policy for drivers to have someone else in their vehicle during trips

Driver Had a Pet in The Car With Them
    ■ Your driver should not have their pet in the vehicle while picking up passengers.

Reckless or Drinking While Driving
    ■ Poor driving or if you suspect your driver is drinking alcohol should be reported.

Picking Up Other Passengers During Your Trip
   ■ Many of Uber’s drivers also work for other rideshare companies, which is fine. However, they should NOT be picking up other passengers during your trip.

Inappropriate Conversation
   ■ Although drivers are encouraged to engage and chit chat with their riders, drivers should not go overboard making the rider feel uncomfortable.

Driver Asked For a Tip
   ■ Uber is intended to be a cashless experience. Tipping is not required and drivers should not boldly ask a rider to tip them. If a rider diecide to tip it should be at their own discretion and not because they were asked to do so.

Soliciting Their Side Business
   ■ A lot of Uber drivers have other side businesses going on, however, they should not be soliciting their service to Uber’s riders.

Top 4 Tips Before You Ride:

Playing it Safe: Your safety and comfort are first priority, never get in an Uber if the info in the app do not match. You should confirm the tag number, and vehicle make and model.

You can also confirm the driver’s name and make sure the picture matches them. Sometimes profile picture quality might not be the greatest and certainly people can change their appearance by changing their hair style, shaving or letting facial hair grow, etc. So use your best judgement.

The most obvious no-no is when the app shows a female driver name Tina, but instead a guy shows up. Even if the vehicle info matches, you should be leery to take this trip. Likely the real Uber driver is allowing someone else to drive of their account which is against Uber’s policy. Please report this type of activity to Uber.

Cancelling Your Ride: Remember if the ride was cancelled for whatever reason, you cannot rate the driver. Therefore if you have some feedback or comments to provide about your experience, you would need to email Uber directly.

Horrible Driver: If you ever feel unsafe or uncomfortable don’t be afraid to ask your driver to drop you off at the nearest, safest location. A matter of fact, you do not need to let the driver know how you feel. Simply just asked to be dropped off somewhere nearby. You can request another Uber if you would like, but make sure you report to Uber about your experience.

Never Too Late: Some riders think that if they don’t rate their driver right after their trip, they want be able to leave a rating later. So not true. You will always be able to rate your driver even if it’s weeks later. Just find the trip/driver by going to your ‘history’ in your app. Community SupportRatingsRating Your Uber DriverToday's Rider Community Topic: ☀Rating Your Uber Driver☀// Rating your driver should only take a second and it is the best way to alert Uber of any issues there may have been on your trip. Leaving additional feedback is optional, but it's the easiest way to get in touch...Rideshare Support Community...