Driver Issue: ☀Uber Insurance Document Missing Name

The Uber app has grown exponentially in the recent years that they are hiring drivers at a faster than normal pace. But, there seem to be a bit of misunderstanding about what’s acceptable when it comes to personal insurance. It’s very common to see a lot of people being an add-on to an insurance policy vs being the primary policy holder. A great example would be a driver who is listed under their parents’ insurance policy. The problem is that not all insurance companies list all insured drivers on the insurance card! Therefore

But, to partner with Uber you must be listed as an insured driver on the insurance policy of the vehicle you intend to drive on the Uber system. Although, you are required to submit a valid document which clearly displays your name if you are not the primary policy holder – it does NOT have to be the insurance card.

If your name is not listed on the card, you need to get a copy of your insurance policy declaration. The declaration will have you listed if you are currently covered. If your parents or the primary policy holder do not have the declaration pages, no problem. They can easily get a copy of it from the insurance company. Once you get access to these documents, you would need to send them into Uber. Send all the pages – not just the one with your name on it.

If you were recently added to a policy, then it’s very possible (with some companies) that the declaration is not quite ready just yet. It could take a few business days for it to generate and be available to you, especially if you was added over the weekend. In a case like this, you can try having the insurance company type up something on the company’s letterhead that you are covered and provide all the policy details. You can submit this to Uber as proof for now and they will let you know if that will work or not.

Other Questions Drivers Ask:

Q) Does Uber provide additional insurance coverage?

A) Yes, Uber provides supplemental insurance coverage to drivers. When the Uber app is off, a driver is covered by their own personal car insurance. However, when the Uber app is turned on, a level of liability insurance becomes active for the driver.  You can read more about the insurance policy later by going here.

Q) Will I be an Uber employee?

A) It is worth noting that Uber, in the real business sense, does not own or operate cars, and thus the drivers are not directly employed by them. All drivers are independent business owners, not employees of Uber.

Q) What does it take to pass Uber background check?

A) To become an Uber driver, one must consent to allow Uber to run a background and driving record check. The background check i performed after you have submitted your initial application. Therefore make sure you sign-up under your real government name and not an aliases or nickname.

To pass the background check, one must meet the following conditions:

■ A minimum of 1 year U.S licensing history (if under 23 years old, must have at least 3 years licensing history)
■ A clean Motor Vehicle with no more than 3 incidents in the past 3 years.
■ No DUIs and no reckless driving.
■ A clean criminal background check with no felonies or misdemeanors involving theft, violence or drugs in a given time fame.
■ No speeding violations for driving 20 mph or greater over the speed limit in the past three years.
■ Uber does not perform a credit check.

Q) About how much can an Uber driver make?

A) On average, most Uber drivers make over $19 an hour. Keep in mind that the pay varies depending on where the driver lives and the number of hours they drive on the system. Honestly, there is no concrete way to provide an exact figure amount. Because in big cities like New York, most drivers are making an average of $30 per hour.

Q) Will I have to pay Uber a fee?

A) Yes. Out of the total amount charged to the passenger for their fare, Uber takes a 20% commission. Meaning the driver is left with 80%. Keep in mind that out of the 80%, the driver still has expenses like gas, and the remaining amount is what is averaged above as $19 per hour and $30 per hour in busier cities.

Q) What does it take to be a 5 star Uber driver?

A) The skills that mark an excellent Uber driver are:

■ Friendliness and communication skills. | Greet your rider(s). Make small talk but nothing too personal. Stay away from conversations about religion, politics, etc.

■ Definitely know the city well. | Ask your rider(s) their preferred route.

■ Drive solo. | Do not have friends or family members in the car while you are picking up passengers.

■ Keep refreshments in your car like candy, mints or water.

■ Do not take cash from any rider or ask for a tip.

■ Sense of professionalism. | Never argue or fight with a rider. Instead end the trip, let the rider out and notify Uber.

Q) Is there a dress code?

A) No. But most drivers are casual dressed.

Q) What is the difference between UberX and UberBLACK drivers?

■ UberX  drivers must have a vehicle to accommodate 4 riders or 6 riders if they would like to drive uberXL. Most common cars on this platform are Toyota Prius, Honda Civic & Accord, Toyota Highlander, Ford Explorer, Mitsubishi Outlander, etc.

■ UberX drivers typically earn less than UberBLACK drivers per trip.

■ However, UberX drivers still can make really good money, as this is the most economical ride option and the most requested.

■ UberX drivers are not required to hold a commercial insurance policy and other special licensing.


■ UberBLACK drivers are considered as professional drivers.

■ Driving on UberBLACK requires the driver to have a local limousine license, commercial insurance and a really nice car.

■ UberBLACK drivers are allowed to add additional drivers to their account.

■ These drivers have a higher earning potential than UberX drivers

■ The clients of an UberX driver can be a bit more high maintenance as they are paying more with the expectation that the driver will be a transportation professional.

■ If a driver has a natural instinct to think about others and willing to open and stock their car with things like phone chargers, water, etc., then on a basic scale that qualifies for an UberBLACK driver.

Page Updated 2/10/17
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