Rider Issue: ★ Uber Disabled My Account – HELP!

☛Community Answer: This is one of the most common issues with the rideshare app that makes you literally want to scream sometimes, “My Uber account has been disabled“! When your account has been locked by big-brother Uber, unfortunately My Uber Account Has Been Disabled!you will not be able to request a ride and most of the time not able to log-in at all.

Nothing will help your issue at this point, you will need to contact Uber to see what’s the problem.

However, we will tell you what to expect.

Fraud Alert

If your account has been disabled this is likely because the credit card on file is no longer valid or your account was disabled due to some sort of fraudulent activities. If this is a simple case of you needing to update your credit card, then Uber will unblock your account.

However, if you have been deemed as a fraudster it’s a possibility you may or may not get your account back. The most common fraud activity is creating multiple accounts just to take a free ride under the first time promo code.


Maybe you have multiple accounts linked to yours and one of them has an outstanding balance. Until that account balance has been paid, you will not be able to ride again. It’s important to know how many or who all has an account linked to yours. Because if something like this happens, Uber will not tell you the name or number of which has the outstanding balance. We know you might be thinking, how can someone be linked to my account? Easy. You guys share the same credit card info or something.

☛Resolution: Just to speed up the process go ahead and go to support@uber.com and let them know you have been locked out and ask what’s the problem.

Verifying Your ID & Credit Card

Be prepared to send a copy of your government identification because they are going to ask for it. In some cases, ask you for the credit card that’s on file too. Therefore, we recommend that you be proactive and have them both on stand by – your ID and credit card.

If you no longer have the credit card that is on your account, you can just send your ID and make sure you let the rep know. Uber will unlock your account, but you need to provide new credit card details because the old one will be permanently blocked.

But, if you do have the credit card, but maybe it’s not in your name or whatever reason you do not want to send it to Uber, just keep in mind that this credit card cannot be used with Uber again going forward. Just like we stated above it will be blocked forever.

No New Account

Even if you created a new account, (which would likely be automatically disable anyway) it will not take. So don’t waste your time creating a new account. However, they will re-activate your account, but you will have to upload a new credit card.

Using Fake Names on Account

Your credit card and ID should match your Uber account! We know riders who have lost their accounts because their account is listed under Robert Smith, but their driver’s license and credit card shows Nick Thomson. Um, no. You now have a 95% chance of not getting your account reactivated.

Afraid To Send Your ID and Card To Uber

Okay, we hear a lot of people saying that they do not trust to send their personal info into Uber. We understand, but actually you do not have to expose your entire credit card or ID.

So don’t worry about your privacy.

Uber only wants to see the last four digits, name and expiration date of the credit card and the name on your ID. Therefore, you can use a piece of paper or something to cover up the rest of your information.

Page Updated: 1/30/2018
Account Has Been Disabled. Help!

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